Sunday, August 6, 2017


Rain teams down around us from the front yard to the side yard to the pool yard to the boat, now covered yard to the pond rain has made its mark!
Temperatures drop thirty degrees when it rains!
From feels like temps in the triple digits to down into the seventies!
Sounds refreshing, hmm?
NO IT ISN'T SINCE IT IS THUNDERING AND LIGHTNING! Sadly, you cannot go out to enjoy it, only because it can kill you!
My question to you is can you actually see the rain in my pictures?
In the street or on the palm?

On the window here.Used to have raised bed veggies gardens in this side yard, until feral cats used them for litter boxes, see that fence, it is six feet tall, but they made it over! Anyway, these days the heat would kill them before the rain would get to them.... GLOBAL WARMING IT'S HERE!

In the pool, rain?

                                          In the canal, rain?

                                          In the pond rain?                                          
Hard to capture for me anyway...
Oh well, even if you cannot see it believe me its heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere!
Doesn't matter to any of us whether it rains or not.
Global warming is here to stay and here it is now.
As I said triple digits in temperatures here are NOT usual!
I know it is Florida and we do have only two real seasons, dry and wet, but always usually moderate temperatures, rarely too cold or too hot, well maybe a little wee bit too hot, but not triple digits hot; nineties hot! And never for this long!

Dear Al Gore's timeline was and is a bit off... I fear that we are screwed already!
We did our part at least we did try, even using rain barrels until the mosquitoes outdid themselves, and a compost too all for years and years...until the vermin got out of hand!
Yes, I am sorry to say, no more veggies, rain barrels or composting!
For years we tried, and in spite of what we did, oh wait we do have all new energy star appliances, from our central air-heat, to our kitchen stove, microwave, refrigerator, not our dishwasher but for two we never use it anyway, but our forty gallon hot water heater is, and so are our washer and dryer, even our toilets are low gallonage most all of the appliances in the last year, but the 1.6 toilets have been since 2004, and shower heads and faucets too are the low gallonage kind and one toilet just before that, so yay we are still doing our part!
But we do not water outside unnecessarily and we don't mind as much as we used when the lawn doesn't look perfect in the dry season, it always comes around in the wet, like now, green velvet these days!
So attitude does seem to help... but what else can be done?
Is it really too late?
Oh we do not use our car unless we have many things to do in one day, our boat has a small fifty four stroke Yamaha motor on it that gets excellent mileage too!
 Our pool has the filter on a timer that goes only for a few hours a day, and since the "O' ring went again on the automatic chlorinator, we have that cute little floating sun glassed ducky distributing the chlorine by floating, his little brother is a look alike who is our new thermometer attached to the ladder in the deep end!
So we are okay!
How are you doing with conserving energy in your homes, and businesses, can you think of ways that you are doing your part?

Another thought to ponder, and on that note allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly share your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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