Saturday, August 5, 2017

A Day OFF!

You heard me, I said a day OFF!
Even so I found time to make something for us to eat and do some laundry too!
And read and watched some old time TV.
Than I guess I wasn't really off... bud dump bum.
Too hot to go outside or on the boat even.
And again I was told to rest without going into the pool, as per Lynn PA at the neuro's office.
So here I lie in my bed, but I do have different scenery in the living room I sit, make that recline in my recliner alongside Hubby.

Frustrating with thinking let's do this, and no we can't for one reason or another...DAMN GLOBAL WARMING!

I read a few articles without clear cut proof that smoking causes Multiple Sclerosis and pets were said to be responsible too.
None of the articles had unequivocal proof, just theories based on it being viral or toxins that are surrounding us at so many levels so in the possibility the theory could hold water.
But again let me say there was NO proof! 
It's true, I did smoke, and have pets still have a pet, but do not smoke for over eleven years now.
Just my aunt and uncle alone also smoked and had pets at one time or another and both had MS.
Although, my cousin that is two and half years older than me who also has MS, but since she was twenty-seven years old, does not smoke but has pets always!
I bet if we took a survey most people will answer yes to one of those probability factors!
So in conclusion if you took a subway in the NYC underground back in the 1950s-1970s like I did than you might have Multiple Sclerosis?
Gosh folks I am making this up, do not adjust your screen! HEAR ME SAY IT IS NOT TRUE!
Toxins are everywhere and so are bacterium, so my theory still is that sadly we are a long way from an actual knowing the cause, but when we do we will have a cure! Yay!
Mark my words! YAY!

See what kind of trouble you can get into when you have nothing planned to do?

Oh I wrote to our local NBC TV station on their site today too, Facebook actually, NBC-2 out of Ft. Myers Florida.
They keep showing the animal cruelty films over and over again both shark ones, one being dragged behind a boat and the other being shot, horrible!
I suggested they stop, since the ones who did those terrible things that is what they want their fifteen minutes of fame and each and every time they show they are also encouraging copycats in my opinion!
What do you think about showing the cruelty films, right or wrong?

I will leave you all with that thought, and wish you all a very happy good night and ask you to share all your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Storm here now! GTG!
Editing if needed later.

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