Friday, August 4, 2017

More of the same.

The week's end, thankfully!
To say it had been uneventful would be a vast mistake.
Daily I tell what happens here; so if at all interested I do believe this online diary is accurate.

Today, I had my every few years RN from Shared Solutions part of TEVA that makes my Copaxone come to help me with any injection problems of their Multiple Sclerosis medication.
Remember when I mentioned that the auto inject was bouncing off of me and the medication had popped out spraying my eyes, and another time just into the air?
Well, it was a left arm shot today and with the nurse here I showed her how I do it, went perfectly!
Isn't that always the way?
We had a bit of a strain from the beginning though, her and I.
Initially when she made the appointment, I had agreed to Wednesday, but after I realized that would be my left hip, I requested changing it to the same time of eleven but instead on Friday when it would be in my left arm, a more accessible limb and less embarrassing for a first time visit. I know a nurse... but in your home sometimes it is different, anyway...a few days later Sharon the injection RN requested a moving up to ten thirty, and I said that would be fine, actually if I recall she just said earlier leaving time to get to her next patient, maybe she didn't say patient, could have been person... anyway so I suggested ten thirty; the time was set for ten thirty on Friday!
Ten thirty came so Hubby took Gus outside since we still aren't sure about his behavior with strangers, by ten to eleven I was getting annoyed, where was she?
I did not get her number so I called Shared Solutions the company she works for and is part of TEVA who makes Copaxone.
They called her cell.
She was on the interstate she said when she called me and that she would be here in about five minutes. I told her that our dog has problems with new people so my husband takes him outside and that it was hot out there!
She apologized, and arrived about twenty minutes later, and after all was said and done I did my little dance to show her and I did it to perfection and so now I was stumped... although she did notice a ridged right upper arm had too many injections in that general area and I should not do it there anymore after seven years.
Though above it not too far is okay to continue the shots.
I informed her that I had been to my neuro's yesterday and was told that I will be staying on Copaxone since it neither affects the heart nor the kidneys.
No medication changes for me then.
In fact Lynn the PA in the neuro's office yesterday informed me that she had been a renal nurse for twenty years prior to working for my new neuro doctor, and went over all my meds with me to make sure they had no negative bearing on my kidneys and they are all fine.
After Sharon and I apologized to one another, actually while we were chatting my chronic care nurse Debbie called!
I asked to call her back, and explained I was with my nurse, oops!
She thought I had another nurse replacing her, at least her reaction indicated that!
After I explained who and why she was here I said I would call her back when we were all done/
Of course I got her machine and when she returned the call she got me during lunch, but unlike when we were out to lunch yesterday in the Thai CafĂ© when Hubby got the call on his cell which he hates when people he did not give his number to call... anyway it was in the system for emergency, and she wanted to know about me in the hospital, which by then I was long out since the night before and was never even admitted and sitting eating lunch across from Hubby!  He was abrupt with her and said we are eating lunch to call back later on, on our home line.
Or some such thing. I did speak with her later, she had just wanted to tell me that she had all info about my GFR tests and they would be faxing them over to the nephrologist's office, and I told her that we gave them all we had yesterday to copy.
Thus the today annoyance I suspect was due to yesterday.
Oh but I had called her back then too and told her that Dr. Nord and I had messaged back and forth and by six last night she was well aware of everything.

Move onto three P.M. today, Hubby goes out to the mailbox and gets our CenturyLink bill, and sticker shock for $97+!
Our previous bill was $54.69, our discounted bill that game that you play with those people at CenturyLink where if you don't call you don't get the discounts!
Ours we were told was all settled last month to stay at the same price forever.
But today they tried charging the difference from the last bill plus late fees!
Bait and switch and this company should be on everyone's watch list!
Make sure that you get your promised discounts and don't fall for that lifetime never change deal, it's BS! Sorry folks but in my opinion, $80 bucks is.
Sorry mostly for my vile use of the English language, so unlike me, please forgive, but necessary to express the truth.
Oh when the supervisor Holly Danner in Shreveport LA, checked she confirmed what we said to be true and apologized and told us to again pay the $54.69 that we were told to.

What a week between the hospital visit, and not sleeping well, trying to get all this medical stuff straightened out!
Looking forward to the weekend... what am I talking about I am retired everyday is a weekend, that is except for everyone who is working...that we have to deal with for our lives!

Oh well.

Let me be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you to kindly count all your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!   

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