Saturday, August 12, 2017

Oh by the way...

While I am being this bum type do nothing person I am binge watching pretty darn good TV on Netflix!
So here are a couple of recommendations from yours truly.
They go from what I am currently watching to if I can remember... what I did more than likely probably did, tonight only two though. Hope you try them, PG rated...

Granite Flats: Set in a small town in Colorado in the midst of the cold war with three likable teens into solving local mysteries.
The cast is exceptional: Richard Gunn and Jessica Wright as the parents of five with the middle son, Tim, played by Charlie Plummer, a tall for his age having a cherubic baby faced boy who is part of the trio of kid detectives with quite a bit success in solving the mysteries. Even the Dad, the local chief of police, has to admit they are very helpful to him when he hadn't asked them to be.
The young adopted Korean slender and pretty girl, Madeline, played by Malia Tyler whose parents are doctors and more than that and a brother not adopted eleven years older who has not been in it yet, has a more than mysterious beginnings that turns into one of their mysteries to be solved by the group. Arthur, played by Johnathan Morgan Heit, the new kid who has just moved there from California where he lived with his Mom, a nurse and his Dad a pilot, who has died, but they had not located his plane or body, which makes it more possible to think maybe he is still alive?
There are flash backs with his Mom and Dad practicing Russian, so that alone is intriguing, hmm?
Anyway, there are three seasons and I am enjoying it, but I am in season two already, darn, and they're  no new ones being made. Christopher Lloyd joins the cast in the second season, you must remember him from Taxi as Reverend Jim as well as Doc Brown from the Back to the Future movie series in this show he is their new high school English Professor and turns Hamlet and Shakespeare into more mysteries for them and that just adds to all the interest of the mystique in all three's young lives.

Republic of Doyle: Is about a father and son detective agency, both former constables, set in Newfoundland, gosh I wish that that wasn't over either! The whole family including the attractive younger red headed step mother with a shady past, a sister with also an interesting back story, as well as the lawyer brother who no longer practices and teenage niece who after a difficult time going through growing up eventually decides on a police career too that proves to be a good fit; are all quite enjoyable as well. This one is six seasons. Cast: starring: Allan Hawco, Krystin Pellerin, Mark O'Brien, Lynda Boyd, Sean McGinley, and  Marthe Bernard and many other notable characters.
Both series are well written and produced, and a nice addition to any watch list.

Moving on...

Today, Hubby and I watched PBS for awhile about the group from our era the 1960s- 1970s, the Mommas and the Poppa and Paul Simon in concert, ahh memories!
And really good oldies!


Oh the other nigh,t a few ago, when mentioning that I got the best price on Gus's Heartgard plus heartworm medication I mentioned it was mail-order from Dr.Foster's and Smith Pet Supplies but I forgot to give you the site, so here it is now:

That is all for tonight so have a very happy good night and share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!      

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