Sunday, August 13, 2017

Home with a view.

Sounds soooooooooooo nice!
And as we all know that for the last nearly nineteen years out in our backyard that is basically what we have living on the waterfront.
Although, what some might find as we did too, being waterfront can also mean that you are on view from anyone who happens down your canal, especially if you have opted for non- covered windows to absorb that total view!
So little by little paranoia starts to set in... especially if you like to look at others landscaping along the waterways, as we have over the years for ideas. While going down different canals and find that those with the best views have opted for window coverings in the minimal designs or have them all the way up to see out on the water or decided on none at all, and to let it all hang out!
And horrifically at time that is what can be seen, ha!
So over the years, nature and fences and window shades have been known to block our view, since it is not just one way, always a two way street, make that canal, hmm?
I suppose if you lived in a less developed area that would be fine, shades no paranoia then.
But to be honest a bit of it, i.e. a bit of healthy paranoia, is a good thing when it comes to modesty in a suburban type setting, PLEASE!
Or at least modify your behavior or move into the woods, again PLEASE!
And yes, I am aware that your home is your castle and all that blah, blah, blah..., but children do travel those canals with adults or teens on their own, think about that!
Now I am done.
Oh this was an explanation why our home that used to be after we cleared the initial brush away when we bought the home, where you could not find the canal at all...I originally planted a hedge of Hibiscus in red that I would prune to about two to three feet when needed, just a wink of privacy.
I would tie a string from one end to the other of our seventy-five feet of frontage on the canal, and use that measurement to cut across my height, making it easier, but not too easy, since like electric knives, electric clippers gave me the creeps and so I used manual chompers and I would become Edward Scissorhands, and do quite a dainty good job, great exercise, but I was well then and in very good shape. We also originally had a sixteen foot arbor down to our dock there too, covered with Jasmine, honeysuckle, and another orangey reddish vine that name escapes me right now, all growing beautifully over that arbor. How I did love to garden.
Planted by me, actually the orange one already was here and transplanted there, I did like it and now it is gone. They were all ripped out by Hurricane Charley on August 13th 2004, oddly Julia Childs day of death too, a Friday. Today is the anniversary of those two unrelated occurrences.

The white cottage style fence Hubby placed around the pool for my privacy just a couple of years ago and for that I thank him kindly.
The pond has its own greenery that has been placed and created by us there as so was the fish pond at first a molded one and then enlarged by special material to a eleven hundred gallons, since our at one time many fish were growing very large!
From those original ones in the early 2000s one of the second after the hurricane generation ones is still alive, a couple were eaten by herons and some died of old age, and some by severe heat due to nature. If it weren't for the rain nearly daily the heat would have gotten the last big one and hundreds of small mosquito eater ones we still have!
The shade from the trees, Gardenia, Schefflera, fig, lemon, avocado, elephant ear leaves and cannas, etc around the pond keeping its dappled water shaded somewhat.
Even a few of the pineapples are there.

I think this is the first year of the many anniversaries since Hurricane Charley thirteen years ago on the thirteenth of the month, yup... that I did not post my recollections of that fateful day....!

Time can heal most all wounds, so shall we rip off the band aid finally?
I guess we will.

On that note allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night, and ask you to kindly share all your blessings and we will too! 

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Okay if you must know here is the link, and Geez it has been a few years since I posted it:
 Pictures and all!

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