Monday, August 14, 2017

Hate, in this day and age is so wasteful.

Nothing new there.
It is as old as time and civilization.
Is all we can ask.
Fear of being on the hated end from the hater is a real issue for me.
I am one of millions that meet their criteria to hate.
It disturbs me deep in my soul.
Am I powerless to change their minds?
Now I am.
Would I like to do something about it?
Their diseased feelings can be and usually are contagious.
People who believe them are lacking something within their selves; not realizing that they are having the minds bent to hate by these people.

 Hate is cheap, hurtful, unrelatable, nonpassionate, uncaring, disillusioned and wrong!

Many believe that you have to be carefully taught to hate:

If that is the case you should also be able to be carefully taught to love the world, instead.

To me hate is personal, since I am a short fat disabled Jewish woman!
Easy target for all the hate groups, KKK, Neo-Nazis, and the White Supremacists.


Although, hiding in plain sight might be to my advantage.

I do nothing to insight these people to harm me and so far so good, but I would prefer for them to change their ways of thinking about me and all other groups of people LBGT, races, ethnic origins and religions for them to be more accepting of our differences!

We are all just human beings, people, that is our commonalities.

Our lives are of value.

Please dissolve all your hate groups and try hard to see that people of all shapes sizes colors and sexual preferences and religious and ethnic origins are good and have value to exist.

That's all!

Violence for this will not change anything.
Think of the lion or the lamb, and be the lamb.

My heart breaks for all who perished due to hate crimes against humanity!



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