Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A city to our south is receiving an award for water conservation, huh?

And I am very upset.
If someone deserves an award, by all means they should have it and I am very happy to tell them congratulations!
But... this city, Cape Coral Florida for weeks and weeks made the news for complaining about our normal dry season browning their lawns or that their lawns were now dying all due to them having to go on water restrictions! With being allowed only one day a week to water, the city had no choice.
Well, we in Charlotte County have had watering restriction on and off for years, usually only two days a week, and we have lived on this coast for twenty-two of the thirty-one years that we have lived in Florida!
So we have learned to conserve.
And brown lawns are fine, especially when they come back in the rainy season each year and even if they didn't, we have xeriscape plantings in most all of our gardens these days.
So yay no mowing of the lawn for Hubby, and that will make him happy and every winter it sure does!
Our gardens if they need any water we use our water from the rain barrels.
And we always had sprinkler systems, this is the first home that we haven't had one.
The homes on the other coast were both on shallow wells, high in iron, but Ormond Beach was changing over to reclaimed water when we moved to this coast back in January of 1995.
This coast has not caught up yet and there was no well at this home, only city water very expensive to use for sprinklers, and wells were not being drilled here at the time.

The problem with Cape Coral is that due to their lawns looking bad they started draining their inland fresh water canals and that caused them to have nearly no water left.
I do believe they were told NOT to do that, but then they had the brilliant idea to buy water from a reservoir in Charlotte County for millions to continue to be on that quest of having their emerald city of green lawns!
And so they did, and that it why they are receiving this award, since now the reservoir is full again due to our normal rainy season, and so who knows why they are receiving this award?
But this is like telling your child that they were smart enough to shop on your credit card when they wanted new clothes, since theirs needed washing or some other ludicrous reasoning!
Or if they ate dinner out, since they did not know how to cook!
And rewarding them for either of those ridiculous concepts.

To me it is just wrong.

Any-who...moving on.

Finding out that Florida just made the list of the top five most bigoted states is a horror to have to live with, but I am in too bad of an unhealthy condition to go through another move at this point in my life, but my last night's topic and outing of why they might be watching me more so that is due to me being a short fat Jewish disabled woman northeasterner, uh oh.(Last night's blog was copied a few times I noticed)

No surprise about the county where Cape Coral is that just so happens to be Lee County!

Yup, the same one that has the same horrible bust and picture of Lee due to the county being named for him, yes the one and only Robert E. Lee!
Thankfully, the NAACP has been having them take down his picture, and according to whomever the bust of him in the courtyard statue belongs to it too is supposed to be removed; so far all very peacefully.
I am so happy they will be gone!

I can only imagine that it is no different than Hitler for us Jewish people being thought of as some horrific idea of decency being displayed there, when in truth Hitler was a murdering monster to us Jews and so many others as well, and Lee was the same with slavery with African Americans.
The Nazi flag to us is horrible and cringe worthy on sight as I can only imagine the Confederate flag is to African Americans.
Both represent what those two did to their ancestors and promote hate.

I am just relived that so far it appears that in Lee County it is being handled, those items as historic pieces and that they will be sent on to museums to learn from, as we have done with Nazi things in our Holocaust museums; they are there to tell the whole story of our enemies who killed our families, friends and neighbors during a very horrific time in history. My knee jerk reaction was to see them burned or destroyed, but hopefully seeing them in their context...none of it will be repeated ever again!

Although, chills run down my spine with fear with all that hate up in Virginia spewing this past weekend and I do worry tremendously...!

Violence has been known to spread too like hate with contagion; they have gone together far too often.
We must try to prevent that from happening.
But how?
I do not want to fan any flames, but we must really try to understand each other and ignore the people who won't try.
And realize that their small numbers speak volumes!

Even when they took a survey on NBC-2 news the local Ft. Myers NBC affiliate in Lee County station I was thrilled to see the numbers on whether or not the picture and bust of Lee should be removed the percentages were quite refreshing, 16% only wanted to keep them and 84% felt they should go, yay!

On that upbeat note, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you to share your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!


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