Saturday, August 26, 2017

"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal."

That was my fortune from the first cookie I opened tonight's title, and in truth sometimes like most everyone I do take my eyes off the goal due to at this point in my life it changes daily, hey but that sounds so familiar oh yeah  hasn't always in each stage of life? The key word is "life", being alive these days is my main and only rather selfish goal, but to be fair our sons are grown men able to leap buildings in a single bound, huh? Nah, but extremely capable to do for themselves in every way.
That was one of many goals to assure was to raise good, intelligent, independent people what more can you want? Having a 46 and half long marriage still going strong, being retired for over a decade and in spite of my ills traveling and still doing things but at a different pace, so YES! I have not taken my eyes off of my daily goals I just have to modify them everyone else!

"Put all your unhappiness aside, life is beautiful, be happy."
Well, my opinion is split on this one too... like I told the Doc, denial works, except when things smack you in the face, but then...things change once again, like today I slept last night and I am much, much better, and guess what? My CPAP stopped working and I lived through it!
Although, when I readjusted it in the wee hours, it said I had slept then 2 and half hours and had over 20 events per hour, sleep apnea is dx'd at only five events an hour, (events are attributed to stopping breathing) uh oh... aside, aside, aside I am putting that unhappiness aside! Happy, Happy, Happy!

Moving on...

"Old friends make the best friends."
Ya know in many cases this is true.
And between yesterday and today I touched base with several that win that argument definitely!
But... some new ones are pretty darn nice too!
So..... another split decision, hmm?

Yes, Hubby picked up Chinese diners for us at China City it has been months!
He got roasted pork egg Fu Yong and I got lobster Lo Mein, and for some unknown reason they sent him home with an additional carton of white rice that goes with neither.
Oh in this rainy gloomy weather but inside with air-conditioning it looks so sad and so dark to us Floridians like northerners with snow, it is soup weather!
So we got a large container of egg drop soup!
I enjoy making the homemade kind too as many know but this is fine.
Oh and with the amount of food you get for around twenty bucks it lasts for days and days!
Yep, this is HAPPY FOOD!

Now to the world outside of my very small one...
So far one person died from Hurricane Harvey that hit Texas last night and most of today with devastating destruction to homes and anything in its wake has been flattened with nearly forty inches of rain in total since even now the Category 4 storm is stalled and has gone down to a lesser storm and everyone is expecting a 32 feet above flood stage for the river more flooding; in Houston area has had spun off tornadoes, everything is just horrific there with destroying all in its path.
Prayers to all! Be safe.

On my FB page you can find people you might know in the hurricane area, oh here is the site:

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