Thursday, August 24, 2017

Ah sweet slumber...revised and making more sense?

...on occasion, chooses odd times to appear for that seemingly difficult time to capture that attainable luxurious, but simply needed for refurbishing of the body's tissue and muscles and it is called sleep!
Good night, make that a happy one.

Oh wait there is more... since I am now still awake and going on day three of that.

Additionally to last night's personal  HIPPA protected expose I had been told when all was over and done and I was home to call the poison control bureau, and so I did and the woman there, Sylvia, my Mom's name told me to drink plenty of none caffeinated liquids, and thought that hospital had done that.

Today was fun filled and I was not hungry and took all normal medications and I do believe that I am on tract to feeling better, according to what I read it takes four days for the medication to neutralize.

I had toast with Polaner orange marmalade and a slight smear of unsweet butter, no coffee just that!

After my interview with the psychologist, yep I said I was going to turn the tables, Geez I hired enough people in the day, anew to me doc and not finding out too much about her other than her being very patient even with this patient's incessant talking, more so from lack of sleep. So this tall lanky, must be at least six foot tall without heels, blonde attractive former New Yorker whose husband is a surgeon, actually listened to me. Not faking interest at all, or maybe, nah, and asking me to stop and repeat what I was telling her about so that she could write it all up; life and family too that I had been asked to tell her about.
I have a first cousin who also has been a psychologist for about forty years in St. Louis too and even our Number One's gal is too, and I did take a few years of psychology, and this is my fifth time going to a head doctor, a shrink, ha. After my Mom died, in eleven and half hours from a massive stroke, after our 16 year old Yorkie died and also our son became estranged and our home was destroyed by Hurricane Charley with us in it all three incidents within three months time  then saw one doc for that, next for when I found out I was getting worse from MS the beginning time, as a pre cursor to bariatric sleeve surgery, and now. 
And she asked why I first cancelled, but not why I changed my mind. Interesting tact in questioning method. My response was also why they that is my neurologist thought I needed one that is a psychologist, depression was my other goto probability.
Well, it turns out that Dr. Karin Galiano has a sister- in- law with Multiple Sclerosis, and many of her patients also have MS, and she deals with all the uncertainties of this disease and how to help you handle them, although this PhD is very clear that it is about you! I was duly impressed.
I was given the option to come back whenever, if I want to. I did act like a bit of a wise gal with my quip of denial works as well as my other standard my attention span is too short for me to harp on the negative.
She was truly so pleasant and non-intimidating, a real person that appears to respect the people that she works on/with to help and so I am not thought to be unjustly crazy after all... shush all... I can hear/ not really the undercurrent of voices in my head, ha saying, WHAT of course she is daft! Moi?

And so I might consider that open ended offer for in a  month's time, a maybe, with all that recently has happened I should try something else, so who knows... what I will decide when  I am more rested and not so very hyper from lack of sleep.

After the doctor, new doc boy so many... anyway, we wanted to go to Jack's on Marion, but it was under new management with a new name, F.M. DONs, with a very interesting back story, for another time though it is so late, have to post now!

Happy good night to all and to all share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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