Wednesday, August 23, 2017

This is it, the "one" some, maybe many, I know of two anyway,that are waiting for this tonight, ha! The Hospital.

From after dinner I was a bit off, yes folks even more than I have previously have written here "off".
and I was able to write my blog though, but as usual after I posted I found more edit needs almost wrote edible, I suppose their is a word called editable, yes there is! And yes I do have my spell checker in the on mode, although I do not have any editor mode or real editor other than me a functional illiterate by some "English Majors" ideas of proper grammar, but I reiterate that some of the best authors actually were dyslexic, and had editors that got what they were expressing, any volunteers are welcome for that honor, nah going on ten years without that privilege and I am nothing about any privileges!

Sorry, I have gone off on my tangent again!

It turns out that I was acting as if I had a major MS exacerbation or I had returned to the womb and acquired cerebral palsy, yes and I do know from working with kids with a favorite cousin of mine at a church, yes a Methodist one other children had if I recall Downs and Autism way back in the late nineteen sixties, or early seventies, rewarding and exhausting! I didn't last too long, but to be fair in those days it was on my day off from work as a credit manager for Lord and Taylor's.
No excuses, not really for me anymore! It did begin my forty years of on off volunteering.

Any-who those were my symptoms legs like rubber, so bad I could not even use the walker to my landing sights in our tiny but apt home! ( definition of my landing sights: wherever in the house I had a seat to rest upon.)
But it was me getting up with a headache in the middle of the night with a headache and my cure due to all my meds was caffeine in the form of black coffee now with Splenda, instead of stevia, supposed to better for CKD, which I was dx with stage three not too bad, but...

So, I broke my favorite mug, by accident and oddly for someone like me with LA, Lupus anticoagulant, not meaning having Lupus but people can have it and not that you do not clot you clot too easily and by way too much, thus my hematologist, oh and that nephrologist too now.

Anyway, in my foolishness to prevent Gus, rescue Havanese mix dog, from getting the pieces I bent over to retrieve the first big piece, and I cut into my pointer finger the one next to the thumb and I wrapped a paper towel around it, but I was dripping as my adrenalin pushed me with blood gushing all over the place, and no that was not why I was thereat the hospital, it was for the other reason rubber legs and floppy arms, and below descriptions, but even the nurse at the hospital bandaged my finger with gauze, since my now band aided finger over an hour later was leaving large red horror show stains on their white, oh those white sheets again, as it ran down my not so large finger, but white does truly go with everything!
But never over one's head please with eye holes, gosh the children dress for ghosts like that at Halloween!
Sorry, I went off topic again, just thinking out loud again.

The trip there was exciting since I rode there in an ambulance, but I was out of it due to how I was; even my speech was slurred and I had a left sided smile meeting the criteria for possible stroke and had to close my eyes since bright lights do hurt them too, that is before and still.

They did a CAT scan and it was negative, so no stroke was found, not even a TIA, that I did have in 2006, but the blood work showed that my GFR was slightly lower than before, and the urea nitrogen and chloride were high, meaning in my blood, thus the CKD and slightly worse. They monitored my heart, etc. all normal and even, also I forgot my blood clotting was showing it was not there by that test, and believe it is there, two tests twelve weeks apart for that one!
But I was bleeding like that? But the bleeding was in the blood work too!

Now, they felt it was a medication over dose and they, but we all thought that is the doctor, the nurse Hubby and I thought all that the four 300mg. of Gabapentin and now 80mg. of Baclofen were not spread out enough. I confessed I forgot my afternoon dose so took my third dose of Gabapentin capsule two hours before my fourth dose of it again for the day of the day, a fluke but possible! And I had taken the four separated sections upside down in my pills' holder, so I started with night time all by mistake also, what a mess!

We got home via private ambulance since I was still unable to move my arms well up, but they would flop down, horribly, so I was released and got home around five A.M. and Hubby found a plastic cup and straw to put lukewarm coffee in, all they gave me at the hospital was liquid Tylenol for my headache with hot coffee Hubby held for me, yep that bad!
All issues a glimpse of my future with my MS, not a positive, let me spin that as a positive, handicapped old people should make room for healthy young people on their health insurance; see I did him proud; not true, false media from my end, ha!

I diverted my attention unintentionally, oops, although, by around seven, I never did go to sleep,  I was feeling better a little anyway. I went into my before breakfast medication that I noticed an extra pill, and it turned out to be another 40mg. Simvastatin/Zocor, and so when I took my night before one and now a morning one, by mistake with all those handful of pills that I pack and then that was 120 mg. when I took my last night usual one, got so bad this morning!
Here's what I found, and called the ER to let the doctor know I took so many of that Cholesterol drug!

  Please tap to make larger to read, scary huh?
Be careful!


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