Friday, July 21, 2017

Uh oh does this mean Melissa McCarthy is out on SNL too? Damn, she will be missed as Sean Spicer!

Quitters never get any credit for at times doing the right thing, ya know?
Even though sometimes the reasoning's are skewed, when doing the right thing leaving a train wreck before implosion can be quite brilliant!
Although, Sean Spicer's reasons had nothing to do with what is right or wrong just what is in his mind.
Oh dear, the worse of all this is after the next couple of Live from New York Saturday Night's will be the loss of Melissa McCarthy's right-on portrayal of the spicy Spicer idiosyncrasies, terribly sad and will be sorely missed.
Although, Ms. McCarthy has the ability to move on to her successful movie career, Mr. Spicer on the other hand has no such opportunity, what will or could he do next, perhaps he will make a live and in person visit to SNL and play himself like Tina Fey had with Sarah Palin, or Kate McKinnon had with  Hillary Clinton, there were others I am more than sure, etc.?
Could happen, why not; at least he would have a paying gig, hmm?
Melissa is one of those lovable bawdy loons that makes you have to watch her, entrancing in a very good way!
Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett could give you that type of satisfaction with their over the top reactions, but cleaner, to others playing opposite them with countering actions, results always hysterical! Ahhhhh comediennes the need for laughter provided by them is generated by so much talent and in such high demand, especially these touchy days!

Moving on...

Four Gabapentin for me equals 1200 mg. AKA Neurontin, are better than three... not yet!
Twister, in one upper left thigh burning and torqueing ripping the skin off is how the sensory nasty sensation feels! Oh yeah, I am iced too.
Neuro nurse Cindy said stay inside stay cool hydrate rest and basically do nothing!
Hubby does a lot, but I did laundry, true only one load of whites today, towel changing day, Tuesday too, only two bathrooms to take care of for that!
Any-who, I did a help yourself breakfast, so Hubby had scrambled eggs, and I had pickled herring with fat free Greek yogurt, and tomato corn salad, weird for breakfast but good.
Hubby doesn't care for it.
Lunch was finish homemade hamburger, no roll, from last night with tomato corn salad and homemade fries, Hubby had a similar lunch too.
Dinner was leftover chopped up hamburger turned into bolognaise sauce for over leftover linguini and angel hair pastas. My bolognaise sauce contains: (4) chopped garlic cloves, 1/4 of an onion chopped, handful of frozen sliced also chopped mushrooms, and chopped frozen spinach sautéed in extra virgin olive oil then in heart smart traditional tomato sauce, jazzed up with basil, oregano, powdered garlic, stevia and dash of lemon juice and parmesan sprinkled in too, salt and pepper to taste! 
I do not do as much as many, but I do earn my keep, I think, hmm?
But some days... I do feel as if I am a burden.
Sleeping, not really, again with my fancy head gear AKA CPAP, and cervical collar, iced left thigh and right hand when necessary, yep regularly too.
Lovely to look at ... NOT!

Lying in bed right now, and again, sadly even my back is hurting now, lying here.
Oh get this today I had to do my Copaxone shot in my left thigh, three times a week, in locations like you touch in the Macarena yep seven, and I starred at the shot going in since I cannot feel
 the injection, funny the same torqueing thigh painful skin ripping one, but do not feel injections so I look to see when the medications goes in and then I take the needle out.
 It goes into an injector type gadget and even has a count down... and I finished the dosage and lifted it out and it was not emptied and the medication shot into my eyes!
I had my dry eye drops nearby and used them right away, and then used my glass shot glass, yep the same ones you use for measuring alcoholic beverages for drinks, but filled with water and flushed both eyes!
Oh fun!
I spoke with a nurse at Shared Solutions the company for TEVA that makes my medication, Copaxone, for another reason and verified what I did was right.
Still a little blurry, but that is nothing new either, ha!

 My day, welcome to it...rained all morning so no boating anyway nor swimming so I missed nothing!
See how my mind works...oh well.
It does work.

Happy good night to all and to all share those blessings and we will too!
And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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