Saturday, July 22, 2017

I had enough!

Staying in that is.
Sure being indoors for two whole days doesn't qualify a person to call it true cabin fever, or does it?
I heard from a second cousin by landline earlier today, consequently right after I sent him our landline number, amazing!
It turns out that he is the son of my uncle's daughter, my Dad's younger brother, so I think he is a legitimate second cousin since his mom was my first?
You see, he was closer in age to me than his Mom was he is only five years younger than me.
My father was forty-three when I was born and my Mom was thirty-nine.
So many of my first cousins from his siblings were twenty years older than me.
He is the father of the young woman graphic designer that contacted me on
Any-who, we had a nice chat and I realized that I wasn't in too much pain since by then I already had two doses of the Gabapentin in me.
My next step was ask Hubby if he wanted to go pick up that new front light that the mud daubers destroyed and a new pole saw for trimming our palms; we also needed a new pool thermometer as well as ph up, and so off to the Home Depot we went!
Nice to get out to anywhere!
They had the Fiskars brand for the pole saw and Hubby grabbed the fourteen footer, long enough for our trees with his additional  nearly six foot height and longer reach, just about fifty bucks.
His old one that broke was over forty years old.
Then we looked at the outdoor lighting and considered going in a different direction, more nautical being on the water and all, but in the end we bought the same one we had bought nearly two decades ago, around twelve bucks.
I had remembered I had looked at brass and fancy ones and even bought one but it looked wrong it was way too big and so the one we had and the one we bought we know looks just right!
Hubby wanted to after check the prices at Lowes and so we did.
They had a very similar one in the pole saw that was ten bucks cheaper but neither one of us recognized the brand and so we decided we would keep the Fiskars from Home Depot.
Same with the light only a dollar more but ours was a brand we recognized Hampton Bay, theirs was not, and this time the dollar was in our favor.
Then on to Winn Dixie for hot food dinner choices, Hubby chose a chicken pot pie and we both chose their ribs and I picked up two sweet potatoes from their produce, we share one.
And asparagus we still had four portions at home and so we picked up a few more items we were out of and went home!
It was after five and so we prepared the sweet potato in the microwave for six minutes and then the asparagus went in for three all done, ready for dinner!

That is why this is later tonight.

Have a happy good night, share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Hope you found a way to beat the heat or rain storms and survive all those horrid fires, love to all, be safe and find fun!


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