Thursday, July 20, 2017

So I contacted the gastro doc's office and... and OJ OUT!

According to Barbara the gastro's receptionist he was out of town and wouldn't be back till Monday and so no one was there to answer my question, "Is there anything other than Pepcid Complete and Nexium to treat my GERD/Reflux?"
Oddly enough about an hour and a half later the phone rang and it was Barbara saying the doc just texted her and he said that is the prescribe method of treatment, although, if I would like to discuss it that I should make an appointment and come in, hmm?
My questions would be are there any other prescriptions now safer than Nexium that has been deemed a temporary use product, not a long term use due to it shortening your life!
What would you do?
I already Googled it and it is true that is what is used for GERD and Reflux! But NOT for years like I have been using it!
Does BIG PHARMA want to get rid of us?
Sounds counter productive to me.
And yes, they do make OTC medications and some are better money makers than prescriptions, think about that one!

Moving on...

OJ Simpson.
I used to love this very handsome football player from his goofy acting in  the Airplane movies to his Hertz car rental commercials; he had me with those chiseled good looks; my first and to date my only African American man crush.

But fast forward thirty years and the Bronco chase taking over the TV airwaves and wow this guy must be guilty!
I watched the actual trial on TV as if I was part of the whole horrible thing taking it personally, no it couldn't be true... how could a guy who had everything do that to even his ex-wife and her friend?
But as I watched day after day to me it was proving that he did it!
So sad this guy who had it all ruining it by being a monstrous lunatic!
What could have possessed him to have that much pent up anger?
Nicole Brown was beautiful and the mother of two of his children, and he was jealous of anyone who interacted with her and it appeared that even Ron Goldman a gay friend of Nicole's, was not safe.

Nothing made any sense, but most all of the clues and evidence pointed to him being the doer... except on that notable day of the GLOVES, "if it doesn't fit, you must acquit!" was the cry from the courtroom!
And they didn't.
It looked like a slam dunk!
He was guilty!
But those damn gloves in evidence proved what?
Maybe his hands were swollen, he does have Rheumatoid Arthritis, why didn't they take that into the consideration... come on?
That alone won the verdict for him in his favor to be released, but... in tandem the Browns and Goldman's got him in the civil court for the responsibility of the murders!
An enormous monetary payment from him was awarded to the families, tens of millions that has yet to be paid in its entirety, according to the latest news only about a few hundred thousand has been paid.
Today after serving nine years for robbery, OJ will gain parole this October and has decided to live in Florida!
Due to retirement and golf.
He is seventy now, and supposedly that alone makes him a lessor threat to society.
Now if he can figure out a way to supplement his retirement pension... I happened to notice that is less than even Hubby's, but his additional work related income will most definitely be garnished to give back what he owes punitively to the Browns and Goldman's... someone hire this guy so these people can get something for all their years of misery.
I lost my crush on him during the trial, don't worry.
Although, as scary as it seems even at seventy he is a very handsome old guy! MONSTER!
So that is what a monster looks like... see kiddies one never knows... I think of Ted Bundy the serial killer, so many were suave and good looking sweet talkers these truly madmen!

Judging people by looks, that'll teach you NOT TO!

Try and have a happy good night, the judicial system needs tweaking as we all know, since none of the previous history of a person is put into recent judgments, what's wrong with this picture?
A trail and historical behavior might indicate a continuing issue with a personality flaw and a persons ability to deal with the world on a daily basis.
If it smells like a fish, chances are it's a fish...
And one other thing... is that 1994 case of the murders is it still open even as a cold case and if so and if he, OJ was supposedly not the doer then why has no one been looking for whomever they think did do it?
I would at least think OJ would want to know, no? He still claims he loved Nicole.
YEP, he is guilty!
A lot to think about, again.

Count your own blessings and share them and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Yep, he is still guilty in the court of public opinion!


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