Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Two days to forget!

Last night was nasty!
And I am no sleeping beauty with a CPAP; this time filled with three soft ice packs held in individual towels combining that with a decorative soft cervical collar!
Sleeping is too strong a concept when you're in so much pain and being seductive is not in your current repertoire so very sadly!
The pain emanated from my head, caused by my cervical stenosis, horrid, believe me. And my CPAP is for my sleep Apnea that I have to wear nightly, ugh. Well, it does prevent me from dying.
Good thing we have a KING SIZED BED, so in reality we are practically in two different zip codes, ha!
Out of sight, out of mind...oddly enough it was Gus that awoke Hubby not me at four A.M., barking to go out? That'll teach me, perhaps I too should bark? Nah, even less attractive.
Our neighborhood never sleeps these days, even go-carts go past our home in the wee hours!
Any-who, that wasn't it Hubby explained, it was the thunder that awoke our furry four footed child who's anxiety ridden by clashes of lightning and roaring of thunder our now calmer sweet little boy, fireworks are fine, but thunder and lightning, OMG, panic and jumping all over us!
Odd that I did not recall hearing it with my getting up several times too during the night.
Although, I must admit Hubby getting up with Gus around four AM. is the last thing I remember before arising around seven thirty!
So I did sleep apparently, three and half hours, wow!
Today was another fun day, blood work before my next week's internist appointment and another sample from another part of the body, which color was off to my eyes, pinkish.
Oh well, they have it now and the ball is in their court; I am sure they will tell me what it all means?
Only thing is with the A1c test and me being back on the IV Solu Medrol, steroids, just three weeks ago that might continue with causing that nasty label of "pre-diabetic". That one test that came back 86, was a fluke, now fasting first in the morning have been 108- 113, and today damn I had a 141, I am doomed.
Whatever will be will be, they do know about the prescribed infusion and that it does screw that up!
Today, I had that aberration of torqueing burning ripping off of my left leg this time, for a couple of years it had been my right. Horrible either way. I iced it with three ice packs in their customary towels, one underneath and two on top, it didn't really help when I tried getting up, same problem of my leg wanting to rip off of me!
Definitely a sensory issue caused by lesions due to the Multiple sclerosis's fun and games... not really! The fun and games part, but yes the cause is the MS.
All caused by my minuscule time spent in the pool!
I called my new neuro's office.
After I added in another 300 mg. dose of Gabapentin AKA Neurontin.
It seemed to work and then it failed thus my call to the neuro's office.
They determined that my call of taking additional Gabapentin was the appropriate form of action, but said it could take two to three days to work, and that I should call them back Friday morning to let them know how it was going
With the additional 300 mg. that makes a total of 900 mg., so not that much compared to when I had been prescribed 2100mg. a day, so I am good for now.
MS is no fun friends... I know you thought it was glamorous, since so many celebrities have had it or have it now... kidding not fun! These sites have their names...

Classy, huh? At least I am in good company, true?

Sorry folks but quite disturbing these last two days of agony.
Just when I thought it was SAFE to go back into the pool! I was told I was too exhausted by the experience.
And me a certified Aquacise instructor!
Oh well; I will have to wait to try again... someday.

On that note allow me to be the very first to wish you all a very happy good night, and ask you to share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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