Sunday, July 9, 2017

The weather is continuing to be threatening here in Port Charlotte Florida, but... far nothing!
Nothing news this is?
Unfair news I think... due to staying home all day only due to the threat!

Any-who, Heir- ress Ivanka K, isn't she using her Hubby's name at all?
It would seem as if she never left the nest, not even hyphenating?
I must hand it to her papa for one thing is she has got balls sitting in his seat while abroad... actual language, no double entendres necessary in constructing of that sentence; it is what it is! 
Someone please inform this young woman, his eldest female species child that what happens in the boardroom does not happen at the G20!
She cannot be put in last minute as a substitution for her daddy, this is politics, not football!
Although, from what has been transmitting to home it sure looks as if he needs someone to take over, and fast! Bud dump bum! Nothing new there.
Postings of his mishaps have been numerous and quite embarrassing... not just for him, but for all America and the world too!
Sadly, I made my own observation and felt that the man is in early dementia or Alzheimer's, but I am not a doctor or any medical person at all, so I could be wrong, and I am 50/50 of the time. This guy would give these serious ills a bad name though!
And it is only giving him another excuse for his horrid behavior!
Or I could be right...
I did notice Reagan's early onset of Alzheimer's with him falling asleep during meetings, but people mistook it for him being overworked!
Let's get real people, this persona non grata, with me and more than half of our country has issues!
I think at the very least that we should demand an impartial neurologist exam for him for any of the afore mentioned diseases, and then a psychiatric one too, and after compiling all the data it should be given to all Americans in the form of special interruptions in normal TV programming so all of us can hear and see, and of course have interpreters in Spanish and all Middle Eastern Languages as well as for the hearing impaired. etc. etc. etc. and medical personnel to explain any difficult for laymen to understand diagnoses so we can finally get to the bottom of the problem! Oh wait, it is HIM!
We as Americans should be entitled to know everything about our current commander in chief, once and for all, just because daily our safety is in literally in his tiny hands!
And we want to know that those hands are calm and decisive when backed into a corner for choosing what should be done!
That this person should also have calming knowledgeable intelligent influences at his sides to determine the best decisions to make in the worst situations!
GEEZ! We need OBAMA back!
All that this guy is doing is fanning the fires and stirring up old flames! (In this case not his ex-wives, I am referring to cold war, Russia and past war enemies, North Korea! RE: Old flames.)


You, you, you people who voted for him, will you admit now that you made A VERY BIG MISTAKE?????
Come on now... think, not the hypnothinking, hypnotized kind, be the individual knowing what has he really done for you that he promised to do thinking, hmmm????????????????? The answer is NOTHING, he has done NOTHING!

Okay, yep stubbornness is sometimes a good thing, but NOT NOW!
Admit he is not doing what you thought he was going to do?
Pretty please with a cherry on top?

Well, I will just have to reason with the fifty-two percent who did NOT VOTE FOR HIM!
Yep, you others he lost the POPULAR VOTE AGAIN FOLKS, HE LOST THE POPULAR VOTE and somehow the electoral college got screwed up! Russia there too, I presume... maybe, maybe not...
Anyway, this is not another election I am just stating the facts folks.

Now I will calm myself and try and get the rest of my thoughts embedded forever here on Google...
Ousting any American President legally is a technical nightmare, but according to knowledgeable people there is a way to do it and also to get rid of all his minions at the same time!
But it is a BIG SECRET, I think.
Since no specifics have been told to me, or you?
Waiting... waiting... waiting... for all good things come to those who wait..., RIGHT?
Last info on this topic was there in a constitutional numeric stance on this and those who know the right way to accomplish such things are quietly, without much fanfare are doing just that! Nicholas Cage said so, nope, actually the real deal guys did!

On this note of more hope to float, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night!

Share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!


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