Nothing, nothing, nothing...then...

Odd how nothing in the interim was recorded on the USPS site until it was to be delivered today, and it was and early too, by ten thirty A.M. it was here!
Our mail is usually delivered in the afternoon so this was extraordinary in one sense and mystifying in another.
Oh for those of you just tuning in I am speaking about my medication of baclofen, discrepancies on delivery information was stressful.
All due to misinformation.
I initially ordered it last Saturday, on of all days my birthday!
You see, Hubby and I both have those week days pill cases that you fill with medications and supplements/vitamins to keep track of dosages; truly helpful low tech gadgets.
And so when I went to fill mine I noticed as of this Thursday past that I would have been all out!
That is why I called in the order on that day, since Humana RX states they are open seven days a week.
But to my chagrin I had two issues to deal with upfront, the medication although stating I had one refill left it was up in March! You see, I had tried hard to lower my dosages of some of my medications, and even got rid of needing my blood pressure medication altogether, but validated that with my internist who felt I did not need it either, since I had a very low diastolic pressure... Any-who, I reduced my Gabapentin by weaning myself down and my baclofen was easier since not as dangerous to play with decreasing the dosage or taking some more according to need.
So that is why I had more than I should have had still in July when I should have reordered in March, oops and I did not look as carefully as I should have. But Humana RX stated that anywhere from three to five days when you try to renew. My added issue was now with the Fourth of July smack in the middle of my days to wait and they having to get approval from my doctor for a new prescription... it was a mess waiting... I suppose, going to happen!
And what made it worse was that Humana RX said it went out Monday and there was no proof since they had a tracking number that they gave to me and in the end it was correct, but nothing was coming up on the USPS site about the delivery until today, the day of delivery!  
Making it appear that Humana RX was not telling the truth!
Although, it kept saying it had not picked up the package that is USPS saying that, that is until this morning.
So being the worry wart and needing my meds I stood my ground with Humana RX and for two days I drove myself and them crazy with "where's my package?"
Hubby got in his licks too on my behalf.
I don't know if what I did got it here faster or if they were telling me the truth the whole time.
You see, the reason I am questioning the how and why for etc. etc. etc. is because even they after a while did not believe it was on its way, with telling me maybe Monday or if not seven to ten, make that three to ten, who knows anymore!
All I know it is over for now... but Geez don't you know I think by Monday I better check my other prescriptions they too might need refills, and I am more than sure that I do not want to go through this again!
My Spiriva for my asthma also has a ridiculous co-pay of $400 for my 90 day supply, and I have to submit it separately after I pay upfront to be reimbursed by a non-profit who helps with large co-pays PAN, its only the second time I am using them. And yes that is the co-pay the medication is covered with  my insurance at around $2K for a 90 day supply!
My other medication for the MS is $5.5K a month, only allowed to order once a month via Humana Specialty, also covered by insurance, and co-pay of $250 a month also paid by another non-profit but upfront. Just those two are so ridiculously expensive!
BIG PHARMA has got to come to its senses!

These prices are outrageous!

On this note of needing another smart rational decent common sense head of state to accomplish that... going to be a long wait I'm afraid!

Unless... nah... maybe?

Lobotomy comes to mind... nobody will do it! Legitimately ousted with major loopholes?  Just make sure he is at the very least a one term dictator!


Whatever works.

Who knows.

Happy good night to all anyway!

Share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear! 
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