Monday, July 10, 2017

I took the plunge...

...after two representatives from Humana RX, Humana RX, Humana RX, just checking no affect like Bloody Mary or even saying Beetle Juice three times in a row, I am safe... it's all good!
Kidding of course, although the stress caused by dealing with some of the so-called, customer service reps made me like many others call them NO SERVICE REPS!
Any-who, this is about the upside of trying to get taken care of properly with any company and that is finding that one person who seems to know how to handle people, and personally your needs. ( In reality there should be more, but in many cases there are not.) Especially when it comes to medical things that is extremely important.
Two people I felt did try to help, Lisa, a supervisor in their customer service department, and Ashley, a pharmacist tech, and they were the two who called back today to verify that I did receive my medication.
Unfortunately, Ashley won the client care lottery, my personal one, with her offer to help attain all future orders in a timely fashion and I told Lisa this upfront, sorry.
Her knowledge and careful handling of my frustrating dealings with her associates were so much so much more professional that I took a giant leap of faith and went on to order medications that I wasn't anywhere nearly out of yet today when she called me back, due to my confidence in her ability to get the job done!
Four were left, and out of the four two were needing to be reordered via my internist, in other words no refills left, Ashley is taking care of that too!
And this is a refreshing realization that that $400 co-pay for Spiriva my asthma medicine due to my meeting my deductible is now down to only a little over fifty bucks so I ordered that too for a ninety day supply. (The last time was my first time with this somewhat new medication, I had been on two other asthma meds prior to this one.)
Hubby and I discussed the fact that it was so much lower that I would not be submitting it to PAN, and save them some expense too.
But it is nice to have that safety net when those co-pays are so BIG!
And right now all my generic other meds for ninety days supplies are just $3.30, and name brands are $5.99 for ninety days too, so doable!
My reasoning for actually doing this is that we are in hurricane season and having medication ready to go if evacuated is as important as everything else being prepared for too.
Geez, that's my rationale and I am sticking to it!
Oh, by the way, we are in the first zone, red, to be evacuated due to where we live on the water.

Moving on...

Today, Hubby mowed our lawn and I did laundry and by three P.M. almost on the dot the storms blew in, yup nearly thirty mile an hour winds and teaming down rains!
Yes, today the weather people's predictions were very accurate!
And it is still raining for these last three hours!
Lighter now than before, but still.
Our grass has filled in so nicely and is that pretty emerald green color that we all love; nature at its best!
No adding and abetting from city water or even rain barrels that Hubby had emptied due to too many mosquitoes, even Mosquito Control can't keep up due to the rain washing away their spray efforts!
We usually use vegetable oil in the rain barrels to prevent them from laying their eggs, but with all this rain the overflow is constant and so it doesn't work and would be considered an exercise in futility!
I do believe Hubby either dumped them upside down or covered them tightly or redirected the spouts.
Oh well... they are only necessary when water is at a minimum!
Remember Floridians get rid of all standing water, they are mosquito breeding grounds!
I suppose this time of year here, our summer all over this country everyone remember that!
Too many mosquito born diseases!

Happy good night to all and to all count those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!


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