Tuesday, July 11, 2017

7-11-06 to 7-11-17=11 years, YAY!

Today is my eleventh anniversary for quitting smoking!
Thanks, but it was a joint effort.
Dr. Stein my neurologist at the time scared me with finding a TIA on my MRI and since Mom and Dad both died from strokes you might say I was scared straight. He also said it would be easier to read the MRIs and distinguish the lesions from the ischemic episodes.
I had tried about seven times before but always ended up going back since even to this day I was extremely lucky since I had no adverse affects from the nasty habit even after over forty years, but each time I would gain a whole lot of weight each time I quit and take longer to lose it even when I went back!
Yep, no more TIAs these days and my asthma is allergy related.
Any-who...Hubby's six month quitting anniversary was yesterday! He had been smoking outside all these years.
Can I hear a YAY for him?
Thanks again.
Oh mine was more than  the neurologist's involvement, Dr. Planner an internist had a medication suggested called "Nicotrol inhaler", that helped me actually quit in two weeks time!
Although, at the time it was not covered by insurance then, have no idea if it still exists or what it might cost, but check into it if you like and then it was three hundred dollars, but worth every penny, best three hundred bucks I ever spent!
Hubby quit cold turkey.
We both had tried the patch several times when we both were trying to quit together years ago.
Longest that worked was about six months, and we were very grumpy!

Moving on...

We went out fishing this morning and below are pictures from our trip over to the Beach Complex's north side and it is only around the corner from our home. They have a sailing school/club there and fourteen small sail boats looked so pretty all lined up!

Hubby's rod below with artificial gummy like looking real fish for both of our rods for bait.
 I do the relax movement style below, and Hubby above does the holder style.
 Nothing bit either line; so after a couple of hours we went home.

 That's our new orange topped tackle box, and I transferred all the old gear into it. The old one's handle was broken and falling apart basically!
 Hubby checking some of the hooks etc.
 Mangroves usually have plenty of fish to catch... oh don't get me wrong they were there we could see them chasing the mullets since they were jumping out of the water.... those would be redfish doing that or snooks and jacks, guess they prefer the real deal meal! Hubby's new net still was only lifting up jelly fish. More tries next time.

When we headed for home, just before lunch, all the sail boats were out on the water looking so majestic there! One of them either had a little person or a very young child in it, amazingly capable either way!

The rains once again came after three P.M., like clock work!
How reassuring is that?

On that note allow me to be the very first to wish you a very happy good night, share all those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square ya hear!

PS: An odd thing happened today, the two medications I ordered via Humana RX just yesterday arrived overnight USPS mail today! Baffled... did I finally accomplish a really good thing?
If others get the same treatment I will consider that I did. 

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