Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Odd thing to do today!

And it wasn't going to my neuro eye doc appointment or to lunch at Olympia's our local American/Greek restaurant, it was at our Publix in Charlotte Harbor that things got weird.
My eyes were the same as they have been with thirty percent of my right optic nerve still damaged, but no worse and my dry eyes were still very dry, told to use my drops more often. No signs of my recent Optic Neuritis or any Glaucoma or any other major eye illnesses, good news!
Lunch was a toss up of where to go, since we have so many great choices, all price points, all ethnicities, everything from Mom and Pop to chains. As you might have read we chose Olympia, and Hubby had an open face turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes and extra gravy and whole berry cranberry sauce and I had their broiled fish fillet with rice pilaf and broccoli, he had their spilt pea soup and I had their house salad with bleu cheese dressing on the side, we both had iced water with lemon. Half of mine came home and I just finished it for dinner.
What was odd is in the picture below found inside the Publix grocery, ours in Charlotte Harbor, the unincorporated land section, not the waterway.
You see, for years we have been getting the below brand of eggs also in the picture, due to they are supposed to be better than the regular ones as far as lower cholesterol goes, and you do pay twice as much for them, but no guilt.
Any-who, while Hubby was checking for any broken shells he uncovered these three trinkets below that were very cleverly painted rocks and he turned them over. They had messages on their reverse sides stating to take their picture and post it on Facebook on the Rocking Port Charlotte page, which I did try doing.
Only after we complied with the taking of the PIC and posting on my homepage on Facebook the glitch was you had to be accepted as a member on their page to post or share as I was trying to do, since I tried several times and it would not go to post there!
Now waiting for them to acknowledge my request.
Have you too not have too much time on your hands?
No, well I do and this is BIG PROOF!   
So there... I am now sticking out my adult tongue; besides it seemed like some innocuous fun?
No harm no foul, true? TRUE!

The rain came in a bit earlier than the predicted time and we made it into our car from the grocery, but not into the house, it was pouring!

Oh well...

Moving on...

My back went out again, it is the sensation of crumbling /collapsing vertebras simultaneously with being hit by a two by four in that general location! In bed again, and actually lying fairly flat.
I do try to use my walker in the house, but less and less sadly.
All due to my spinal stenosis in my cervical, thoracic, and lumbar regions with bulges between several vertebrae besides the Multiple sclerosis, so standing is more a wish list item than reality for an entire day!
Bed with hospital style table add in  Hubby as my caregiver and all is well!

Not good, but what choice do I have; guilt does run rampant...!



Happy good night to all!

Share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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