Thursday, July 13, 2017

Paella anyone?

Easy and probably less fattening or salty than other similar recipes, but mmm, mmm, good!
Serves a gang!
With minimal amounts of things.
Brown rice in a boil-in-bag, made separately in ten minutes.
One average can of stewed tomatoes, semi pulsed.
Leftover chicken, even two thighs were plenty, chopped.(Chicken breasts also work well, precooked rotisserie chickens too! Just a small amount, you can judge.)
A dozen medium shrimp shelled and cut in half. (Any size works wonderfully, but remember smaller you need more, larger you need less.)
Turkey (two) breakfast large sausage patties or in links, maybe four, also cut into bite size pieces.(Usually Chorizo, but we did not have any, plus too high in fat and sodium, still does tastes great though!)
Saffron pinch or less, this stuff is very expensive and mine has been saved like gold when bought a while back. (The Badia company makes the best dried spices at the most reasonable prices; found in the ethnic food section of the grocery.)
Chicken bouillon packet and in our case no sodium mixed in a cup of water and poured over sautéed.
Some red and white onions finely chopped, and three garlic cloves all sautéed in two teaspoons of olive oil and I spray all pans now with PAM before oiling for extra easy clean up.
Add in sausage and chicken to heat, both already cooked, lastly the shrimp, cooked too, pour over everything the stewed tomatoes, add in some frozen corn kernels and mushrooms too! Splash of either lemon or lime juice; I chose lime.
Add oregano, paprika, and parsley, as well as Cajun spices to taste.
Rice goes over whole thing, stir and let all items meld into each other for lovely flavor.
Serve with Greek yogurt, in my case fat free or sour cream and enjoy!

Lately, Hubby has turned up his nose to leftovers so I am now stuck with four individual quart freezer bags labeled in the freezer of paella, and even one small container in the fridge!
Not just this, but other second time around stuff he used to eat.
Oh well.
Things change.
Hard to make less of some things like soup too.

Moving on...

That Rocking Port Charlotte PIC of last night was a pretty big hit on its site; I gave them a twofer with their PIC in my blog, and so over fifty people saw it there too!
The young Mom and son that I believe painted it and left it there let me know who they were after I posted it, and that was so nice to see how happy they were about it that we found it so fast!
Apparently, this is a thing, an innocuous fun thing that is trending here in Florida, not just Port Charlotte; for I think I saw Rocking Ft. Myers too!
Other than being observant and making the decorators of the rocks know that they are very pretty I am baffled on the concepts reasoning's. Oh, don't get me wrong it gave us a lovely miniature thrill and was very nice to hear from and see the people in their PIC who were responsible for the realistic painting of the bacon, egg, and coffee cup miniatures and it did prove to be a distraction from life's harsh realities for a moment in time...oh.... now I get it!
Fantastic idea!
Wish I thought of it!
Congrats Rocking Port Charlotte, and everywhere else!

On that note of GEEZ, I wish I thought of that, clever, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you to count all your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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