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Went on my Ancestry.com site and found another long lost relative.
A young woman who is one of  my first cousin's granddaughters, a graphic designer. Passed her info on to our other cousin doing our genealogy.
Found this new relative's site via her name and picture from the email to me on Ancestry.com.
That is what investigative reporting is all about!
Deductive reasoning is also used in creative writing of mysteries, just like Sherlock, that I used to enjoy writing too!

Moving on..

Hubby is eventually opening up our pool, never closed really here in Florida, but not used for ages either, so it needed some things taken care of like being cleaned and chemically balanced.
I am in my figure it out mode of how I am going to get into our pool to accomplish my desire to exercise gently. I used to be a certified Aquacise instructor! I actually taught for four years.
A few other things cause glitches too,  that is besides the logistics of my entre into the water, my fairly recently acquired asthma, a little over a year and a half ago and my rash issues, so the chemical balance has got to be just perfect!
But Hubby insists he has it under control!
The problem is the rain too, not so much the cooling down factor but the changing the chemical balance one. A pool temperature of eighty-five degrees is optimum for comfort.

I called Number One Son this evening, he and his gal were on their way out to eat, so it was only a shorty.
He is working very hard and many hours over fifty a week these days!
I sure wish we all lived closer, two and half hours away seems like way too far.

Any-who, Hubby made blackened Tilapia for dinner with mashed potatoes and peas, very tasty!

We almost had to go out for dinner due to an hour and a half power outage, see we always find an upside to uncomfortable, ha!
And it was for that short time, over eighty degrees in the house, fortunately I was able to manage with just four ice packs this time, no generator had to go on or even my cooling vest! MS is nasty when too warm.
The only phone that works in a power outage is the plug in old fashioned landline, and I had it next to me on the bed, since FPL, Florida Power and Light, uses it to keep you updated. This time there were two hundred and fifty-six homes out of power; used to be under two hundred; either more homes lived in or built in our neighborhood, must be lived in since I did not notice any nearby new construction during our outings.
That's good, more people in the homes!
Not as many empty... Yay!

The silly thing was the notification process, they, FPL, had our email to let us know how their progress was going... you see, when our power goes out we no longer have Internet either, so emailing us is a useless act!
The phone calls were also being used every fifteen minutes by robo call, and even after the power went back on two additional times they called. There is no way to tell them to stop calling since it is automated, so no person was there to interrupt their spiel. I even tried the hitting zero continuously and that didn't work either, so I hung up, and the next time too!
After though it was one of those things that I foolishly allowed to annoy me, so I called their FPL customer service line and told them, and spoke to a human being!
They said once it is in the system there is nothing they could do about it, since in was our default contact; four emails were sent by FPL, three were with progress and one actually saying it was back on?

On that note allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you to share your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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