Sunday, July 2, 2017

Sometimes pushing oneself is...

... is a mistake!
Even though under par I wanted to go out in the boat today.
And so Hubby acquiesced to my desire, and so we went, but the heat even with cooling attire was murderous!
Not much for me to do once aboard, although today I did put out a fishing line with a shiny lure.
No luck for Hubby catching bait fish while out; even the pelicans floated upon the seas without fishing!
Usually they know where to find a decent size schooling of fish, but they too were slacking off arbitrarily not unlike us!
Miss T 2 does have a ten foot Bimini and with a nice breeze when you find it it's not too nasty those warm rushes of winds!
But when you don't...and there is the rub.. no breeze = too hot to enjoy!
Well not totally.
I had made sandwiches and added in snacks as well as Propel, made by the same company that makes Gatorade, with all those electrolytes and vitamins and NO calories!
Tasty beverage.
Even Hubby likes it, he used to drink it when he worked for the sheriff's office as a marine patrol officer all those years ago!
Even with all that we stayed out for four hours!
As soon as we arrived home and entered the house we both started to sweat profusely!
 I had to get back into the shower, I had showered in the morning as always, but this was way too disgusting and so I had another one, this one cooling me down as well as cleansing.
After dressed and refreshed, I quickly defrosted our meat for dinner and then began cooking and exhaustion came over me.
Hubby was outside squaring away the boat, taking things off of it as well as washing it down, normal procedure and necessary to be done each and every use.

Both of us have been feeling a bit funky and we have no idea why.
We were thinking something in the house might be causing the problem, but Gus, our rescue Havanese Shih Tzu mix, aside from being rather sleepy is fine in his playfulness! Thus his tiredness though we suspect, plus his lunacy from the storms worse than fireworks anxiety!

A few years ago I did have one of those kits that tested for radon and it came back ...OK, according to the report due to the age of the house though, built initially in 1958 and being on a slab, caution is prudent.
Might need to test again, the five years I think is up.

Any-who, both of us have been like two elderly hypochondriacs testing our temperatures and blood pressure that have been fine including our pulses! Thank you very much, so we haven't a clue except the whoosh factor and light headedness and Hubby's left arm is a bit numb, and is concerning but he refuses to get checked at the hospital and the fact that his pulse is in the high sixties that is within the normal range and his blood pressure is okay too; he is on meds for that anyway, it's just plain weird?
So leaving our lovely digs was more than for a wonderful outing, but a somewhat experiment, and Hubby said  he still had that feeling and to be honest besides all the heat getting to me I too had that odd sensation, downright strange?

Meanwhile my hand is being iced as I write from bed as usual these last several months...
No fish were harmed or caught for dinner BTW, darn!
Thus the defrost, not the gutting, YUCK!

I did take more pics and tomorrow I might remember to post them.
Keeping myself busy and out of trouble.

Share those blessings and have a very happy good night!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!


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