Saturday, July 1, 2017

" Enjoy life. This is not a dress rehearsal."

"A phone call to a good friend will ease your mind and lift your spirits."
These were in our fortune cookies from our visit to the Thai Café on Wednesday I nearly forgot I was going to use them in my blog.
Today, was apropos as a reminder from the first entitled one that we all deep down know and understand the reasoning behind those words of wisdom.
Religion has nothing to do with this belief, although some might take me to task on this one.
But seriously, to me it means live life without any regrets, do things, don't sit on the sidelines!
Good for making memories and being a part of the world order!
Instead of just talking; take action?
I guess you had to be there, here or anywhere, ha!

The second fortune also has a positive meaning, but when your best friend is only in the other room, no dialing is necessary! Good luck for anyone else to do that.

Today was another milestone in my life, my birthday. Tick, tick, tick another under my belt, yay!  Sixty-seven to date, and I was born on a Saturday at six thirty in the evening. Mom always said I was polite enough to wait until she and Dad finished dinner! Boy did that change... bud dump bum!

We, Hubby and I, went into Red Lobster for lunch today and sat and ordered other than what was on their menu.
They all do take requests, but sometimes we forget!
Now that they write the calories next to each item on their menu the process of elimination should be that much easier, hmm?
Some of their meals are about two thousand calories and nearly thirty five dollars a piece!
So I asked as I had before somewhere if they would just give me a lobster tail grilled with a baked potato and their delish Cole Slaw, and Hubby wanted the same and they did! They even accepted the five dollar off coupon they had emailed me for my birthday just yesterday!
Lunch with what I said above tax and tip included came in at just under forty bucks for two!
And a fraction of the calories.
Very tasty.

Moving on...

Hubby was my first good morning, as usual but this time with a card and a plan for my birthday...
Number One Son called this afternoon to wish me a happy birthday, but my first email was from my second cousin twice removed who actually shares this birthday with me down to the year, she pointed out the oddity or miracle how she stated it that today was 7/1/17,I found it interesting and hoped as she stated it means something great, my other birthday wish came from my sorta cousin, related twice by marriage, but not by blood, that grew up with me in Paramus, NJ. She and I went from kindergarten through tenth grade to the same schools, and we were buddies way back then. She was then the amazingly brilliant writer and wrote stories on the playground, as a little girl, not more than six or seven if I recall!
We all waited with baited breath for each excerpt of continuance of her more than apt imagination and serial story lines! Science fiction, was her genre if I remember correctly.
Alas this brilliant woman who survived cancer while a college student with a threat of losing her leg, but insisted on keeping it... ended up in the medical profession teaching others ultrasound at a university and being a wife, Mom and grandma and has done all the things that one does in life when they do it right and so admirably, and she called "me" her favorite cousin, WOW!

Today was remarkable in that way.
Let us never forget that each day has its own nuances that we should try to understand or not, and learn from or not, enjoy or subtly ignore when not willingly able to have a positive force in our moving forward in a productive way.

That's my idea, doesn't have to be yours; for aren't we all our own person?
Sure we are.

On that disjointed commentary allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!


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