Stormy weather!

As I write tonight I am having a background of thundering angry weather noises blaring in my realm off as exterior arrangements of a harsh timpani of threatening bold percussion sounds from that section of the orchestra! Yes, that is what it is like!
Concentration is so much more difficult with all that, but with Multiple sclerosis cognitive inconsistencies can be even more so.
No excuse!

Ahhhhhhhh; what is that a momentary hush?
Bubbling sounds permeate the outer land behind and surrounding my home's exterior enclosure.
Constant hum, no, more like a hollow beat.
Drum rolls in with thundering resound on the downbeat!
And the beat goes on...HA!

Moving on...

I suppose in spite of the fact that I have not gone out today at all my sinuses and bones and muscles could possibly be affected by this abominable weather system/ presence? I feel horrid and wiped out, exhausted and pained all day, dizzy, eye issues abound and my right hand is in pain. My usual repertoire of misery!
The skies have blackened once again with the advent of the clouds overlay of covering and it is not even six P.M. yet!
Our days are usually longer with light this time of year, except with these types of massive rain invasions!
Some areas have received four time the usual rainfall for the month, many have had fourteen to twenty inches already just this month alone!
But it is the last day of the month and due to all this rain we have been taken off of the drought lists, our entire state that is, is drought free!
We have legitimately made up the difference.
I say "we", as if we had that power, but of course we do not, no one has.
Another thing that I thought by now we would be able to control, odd with so much technology that we cannot?

Our windows were replaced back in 2003 from the jalousies that I did sort of have an affection for, since we had a jalousie porch off of our dinning room when I was a child back in Paramus NJ. We would watch the fireworks some years out there.

Any-who, we removed them  in this house due to their insufficiency and put in paned ones that are wind proofed to some extent, in the year before the hurricane came. The only reason we had one broken window was that we had practically no warning that Hurricane Charley was coming and our neighbors roof went through our guestroom window, the newer model window never had a chance, really!
Efficiency wise these not mid century ones have served us well though over these last fourteen years.
As so many of our better more modern equipment replacements have saved us expenses, in the long run, in the energy arena.
Funny how mid century design is now the "in" thing and with our home being built initially in 1958 it does qualify within that twentieth century concept of design.
Although, with all our modifications we have diminished its actual appearance from then... oh well!
We have a home that suits our needs and benefits our abilities.
Accessibility with ramps and roll in shower, indoor laundry and closed in sun room, and on and on... not much left of the old gal...
Modifications, according to need, generational transformations, also making its desire to be our home for just us.
Nineteen years will do that I suspect, although I do not really know, I have never lived anywhere longer than here.
Interesting, to have a home change with you?
Our choice.
In spite of the negative neighborhood changes.

I am surprised that our power is still on.
In the old days with stormy weather we would have lost it by now.
They, FPL, Florida Power and Light said they were tweaking the system to prevent such things, good for them!

On that upbeat note allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you to share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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