Pretty Pastels and even handicap accessibility from your boat to Fishville and all their shops and restaurants?

I think NOT! As they say a picture is worth a thousand words!

Very pretty light teal!

                                      Beautiful Sea-

mist! More island tropical like colors and when we changed our home's color this year to the yellow pastel family that was our reasoning...why not! Yellow is mellow.
This is a picture of one end of the "handicap" ramp at Fisherman's Village handicap dock... BIG STEP I SEE!

This is the floating dock at the other end there? Seen better days, and not stable.

 This picture appears extremely confusing for I do not know of how anyone could jump or roll or fly off their boat to traverse this handicap entrance?

This is another egress supposedly at their gas pumps?

 No parking there it appears, plus shaky floating narrow dock.
Oh back to the first one above here and above all of these, small vessels are moored right at that floating dock for handicap access? Am I missing something? Could anyone you know needing handicap equipment to maneuver themselves like I have to these days advance to the land from their vessel via their ramps? 
It felt like a real mean joke that they say they have handicap access... you judge.
We love going to Fisherman's Village and have been going there for years via car and boat and were thrilled with the possibility of being able once again to go via our accessible boat, but it would seem that it will not be...!
Oh well.
Worse things in life, truly!
Please all do have a wonderful safe Fourth of July tomorrow!
Remember that AAA has tow and go if you should drink too much call them and they will return you with your vehicle safely home!
855-2-tow-2-go or 855-286-9246, use it!
And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
Share those blessings and we will too!
Happy good night to all! 
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