Humana RX

Everyone's experience is different.
But sadly mine has been consistently bad with this company.
And to date I have been stuck with them for the last couple of years due to them carrying my specific medications.
For the last two days they have been giving us the run around about my prescription that I called in on July 1st, Baclofen, my anti-spasmodic, and by Monday they said it was being sent via USPS and by the fourth of July they removed the co-pay from my Visa account with my approval thinking it was on its way...

This medication had to be reapproved by my neuro since I had been taking less than before so it lasted longer and the prescription ran out in March, although I still use it daily and I would be out by today Thursday, in a lesser quantity, and also the holiday was also part of the issue, but why tell someone that the item mailed July 3rd when it clearly hadn't. This is known by constantly checking the tracking number from them coming via USPS and the site is simple and we have been there numerous times! "

"Awaiting Item
The U.S. Postal Service was electronically notified by the shipper on July 6, 2017 to expect your package for mailing. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date. Delivery status information will be provided if/when available. "
It has been one phone call after another. Their key words of comfort seem to be "I apologize" and this last customer non-service rep kept saying, "Absolutely", it was so many times I told her to get a Thesaurus for a new word, because it was annoying!
Hubby has lost it too with these non helpful people, he tried calling corporate and hit dead ends each and every time!

The light at the end of this tunnel is a pharmacist tech named Ashley, she called this evening and seems to truly understand and without fakeness! She has recommended calling us back by Monday to order a thirty day supply if all is still in question on delivery.
She has given us her direct line and we will use it if nothing happens differently to change for the better...

Meanwhile the below horrible experiences validates that we are not alone in our problems with this company... you know misery and all!

Any-who, this is to counter their insipid repetitive recording how so many subscribers to them love them... WHAT??????????????????
Ashley, help us change our minds!

Here are a few from the same page to read:

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Consumer Complaints and Reviews

Satisfaction Rating

I tried to get my prescriptions changed from local Walmart to Humana mail order. WHAT A NIGHTMARE! I had to call 5 times to get my address changed; tried to scan credit card per their instructions-- no luck! Called and gave them my credit card. Called for update the next day on prescriptions and they still had the wrong address and no credit card number. Horrible, horrible service!!!

Satisfaction Rating

I had to change my card due to fraud last summer and forgot to notify Humana, which was taking premiums out of my account automatically. They did not contact me, but they cancelled my plan. I found out when I went to the pharmacy. I called them and gave them the new card number, and they charged the past due amount and the current month's premium. My coverage was restored and has never lapsed since.
Recently, I received a letter stating that I owed them over $600 in past due premiums. When I asked them why they were just now notifying me, they had no answer. The letter mentioned that I could make payment arrangements for the past due. I called, gave them the same card I'd given last summer, and authorized them to take the premium out on the fifth of each month.
When I asked about the payment arrangements, the representative told me another department would be in touch with me. My premium is $79. On the 5th of June I received an email from my bank saying I was overdrawn. They had taken out $236. I called and reported it to my bank's fraud department and will receive a provisional credit while they investigate. I called Humana and was given the runaround. I am on a fixed income and have no money for food right now, let alone bills. I am terrified that they are going to clean out my account when I get my Social Security direct deposit in a couple of weeks. The bank says even if I change my debit card, they can still get the money. I may have to close my bank account completely to protect my money. I can't change plans until open enrollment. Please be careful when considering this company. What they did was as fraudulent as someone who steals your card.

Satisfaction Rating

Humana Pharmacy RX coverage Part D for medicare: I have had nothing but problems with Humana and inconsistent information on top of it. I have actually stopped taking from Humana Pharmacy representatives. I was initially told when switching to Humana (also paying an extra premium of $37.00 month) that this was excellent coverage for the medications I am on. Having a limited monthly income and knowing it would be a yearly deductible of $500. I have actually more than met my deductible and these medications are costing me a fortune. I have actually stopped taking some medications because of the price. (ex: ** eye drops $660.00, ** $82.00 , ** $57.00) I am suppose to be taking and have taken these medications for several years NEVER having these prices.
All of a sudden they are now charging different prices than they told me and putting medications in different tiers than they were originally to make them more expensive. The Humana representatives are not helpful and EVERYONE tells you something different. Having worked in customer service and a supervisor I can not believe this is how a company treats their clients. I will recommend any and all to stay away from HUMANA. I will be switching as soon as possible. It is actually a crime that people like myself get bad information and go with a company that you are locked into for a year. I am not normally a person that would make a public complaint, BUT I am disgusted with Humana and do not want anyone else to fall prey to their misconceptions and bad service.

Satisfaction Rating

They send me things in the mail. THEY OWN YOUR INFORMATION, AND SEND IT TO EVERYONE! ALLOWING TELEMARKETERS TO CALL AND ANNOY YOU. Frequent telemarketing calls, they never stop. Customer raises their voice, when you do. Customer service can keep transferring you. The sales agent can mess you up your insurance when renewing and the possible result of the mess up could lead you to wait another month for it be effective. Even when your insurance is messed up, they won't spare you the convenience of a turnaround for inconvenient purposes, and when its their fault, still have to wait for the effective date - following month or longer, and if you prescriptions, too bad, still have to wait, and you possibly will have to paid out pocket, no reimbursements."

There are hundreds more, you get the gist though.

Must close now BIG storm threatening within this area, water spouts and dangerous possibilities!

Happy good night to all!

Share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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