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This pretty little over the bridge park was begun recently in the last few years and according to the grapevine it will be extended under the bridge and connect to the other park there; should be lovely!
For years the location had been an eyesore after Hurricane Charley destroyed the buildings that were there, an antique mall, tea room, and motel.
My friends from our group of the Peace River Writers had a going away party at the Tearoom there we wore their silly hats and boas for a throwback in time, and we all ate tiny sandwiches and cakes and had a plethora of teas to choose from to taste,... it was for our dear friend Linda Wise, a retired college English professor that I had met when she ran a writer's workshop at the Cultural Center that I had attended, she was moving back to Indiana, and later moved back here... only to pass away a couple of years ago, so lovely and not so lovely memories of that place. The day before the hurricane I had lunch with my mentor/friend from the Arthritis Foundation Barbara Carley at the Tearoom too.
I also would avidly peruse their very fruitful and well stocked, brimming with hidden treasures in those antique shops... at times finding very interesting and unique items to give as gifts or for my own keeping. 
Totally destroyed back in 2004, on August 13th, a Friday!
Any-who, it is nice to know the land will once again be put to good use for something for everyone to enjoy!

Moving on...

Yesterday, we had gone back out to see the fireworks via our Miss "T" 2, and they were very exciting and not only ours from our county seat in Punta Gorda off the Lashley Park dock that I had shown to you the other day in a PIC, but all surrounding the Charlotte Harbor, from non-professionals were incredibly professionally looking, although other cities also were seen from the harbor, North Port for one.
Oddly enough, nature or God him/herself was also providing massive shocking fireworks in the form of lightning in the northern direction of the harbor, in Sarasota County towards North Port; only about ten miles from our home!
The light show from nature/ God appeared to be heading towards us or at the very least to our home and so as we departed the glorious colorful oohs and ahhs shows all around us... although the fanfare followed us and our seemingly enchanted vessel home, both manmade and natural lights were involved in the stalking, ha, so we did get back around ten anyway with quite an experience of all those dazzling sparkling skies!
Unfortunately though,... as hard as I tried my Android phones capabilities of taking these pictures were not worth keeping, but the images do remain in my brain anyway!
As I am more than sure your shows fireworks visions do too!

Happy good night to all!

Share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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