Two kinds of hate...

... as a child it was subtle not blatant... people not liking you (me) for who you(I)  am/are, race, religion, ethnicity or sexual preference. When a child I was lucky since I did not know that such bad people existed to hate me for who I am, in my case my religion, and that being Jewish. Not like the children of the war did, that hate was blatant.

Today, though, it breaks my heart that people hate out loud without remorse!
Why have we human beings decided to treat one another with such violent vicious vocal behaviors?
As a civilization we should have evolved way away from any of that by now!
I know, I know, hate for our differences has been around since men and women have existed.

I really sincerely wonder why?

In other things in nature and life, including academia, differences, make us curious with a desire to learn did hate begin and why? So logically hate makes no sense at all!
It is such a wasteful emotion.
With all the debates in life, in law, in schools and in daily conversations, why not discuss this unhealthy, unproductive feeling/emotion of hate?
Its origins must lie deep within us all, for daily as a child/teen I had even used the word in talking about my feelings to my parents due to being so angry about a situation, circumstance or heaven forbid another person who I thought might feel that way about me... hmm, could it be as simple as that, get them before they get you?
Perhaps, getting to the root of the matter the problem could be solved?
Wouldn't that be wonderful!
Pollyanna, I am not, but rectifying this BIG ISSUE may give us all the PEACE we continually say that we all want?

Workplace peace!
Family peace!
Solutions that is all!

Moving on...

I feel as if I was hoodwinked!
We stayed at home with concern over a mid-day storm, never came although the heat did give us what they promised, too hot to handle weather for me anyway, for most I suspect.
In fact, right now we still have not had any rain, and Hubby was talking about, dare I say, heaven forbid, manually watering from the hose our new plantings!
He is willing to wait though, since the "prediction" for rain is still in the forecast, I think, who knows... we hear so much on the news... when they begin their loopy loop it seems to go into itself with difficult to understand  lack of clarity!
The first several times a story item enters the studio and they are waiting on details to be gleaned they hang you on waiting too, and sometimes, it seems as if they occasionally forget to inform us with the details from that follow-up!
South of us is now getting heavy rain, but not us yet!
Hubby's report says it looks good for it!
Too much for days?
Now we are hoping it gets here?
Human nature.
Funny how too much is too much, and then we forget, and when it is lessened to a trickle... we want more!
Oh well!
Se la vie!
(Such is life)

On that note be careful of what you wish for... but world peace is absolutely OK!

Have a very happy good night!

Share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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