That is nine years of writing this BLOG!
So today is my blog-anniversary!
Nine in English, neuf in French, nueve in Spanish, neun in German, and notte in Italian!
Just thought I would put that out there!

Moving on...

Today we did go out, but in our air-conditioned car not on the boat...sad for that... oh well.
Eventually there should be days without over one hundred degrees as the average temperature, hmm?
WE did accomplish something interesting today as we finally got over to the Flea Market and bought the above front license plate. In Florida we only have one, the rear one. If any recall, the van had been hit while Hubby shopped one time without me when he went to Publix a few months ago. This time it was a hit and run, in fact its impact from being hit was hard enough to move our parked car in its space, but left only a tiny ding. We have a five hundred dollar deductible and we found out that the repair cost would be $481, and so the guy from our insurance even suggested the plate!
And so we finally did it.
The sunset is very similar to ones we had snapped while out thus my reason for taking this design.
For some reason Hubby left this whole project up to me.
And that is why I chose the one word reference.
Sunsets have sorta have been representative of retirement, true?
Anyway, it is belated since Hubby retired on October 31, 2006, and myself two years later.

Anyway, I am sorry that you did not get to read this whole thing whomever tapped on this tonight. The current rain storm, yep its back played havoc with this computer and published it before I was done, but now I am for tonight.

Blessings all around, happy night too...

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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