Back on the juice

Not the usual juice, not fruit, not harmful IV illegal stuff that is a mixed bag of IV steroids athletes use, this is IV Solu Medrol that is only under controversy in some groups that consider its use  questionable, whether or not needed or if the problems will go away without intervention by not using this strong medication. Reminds me a little of the same thought processes that goes into vaccinations for children with some believing that the shots cause Autism even though that has been disproved, but to me somewhat the same misunderstood mentality.
The uses/indications are  honorable though for IV Solu Medrol for things like Optic Neuritis, exacerbation of Multiple sclerosis, severe inflammations and oh here is the list:

I am currently on a course of half of the 1000 milligram dosage that I have had previously, but again for three days in total.
Half of a dosage due to my diabetic reaction.
Oops, started this morning at around 10:00 A.M., but delayed slightly due to the another woman in with me having an allergic reaction, not too serious a rash, but in lips and throat besides her hands, she was only administered Benadryl 50 mg. and it did eventually work.
Oh yes, this was my first time at the Doctor's Office Infusion Center, a room in back.
The woman was about ten years my junior, but diagnosed a year earlier than myself in May of 2005, and quite, make that very ambulatory, see how different this disease is for each of us.
This was my sixth time with this type of intervention.
Oh that oops was for me, although they adjusted my dosage to half of the usual, by 3:05 P.M. my glucose was up to 195, just the other day 85, normal without, and by 3:40P.M. it jumped to 231, and by 4:05 it rose to 281, and so we waited about an hour to see what would happen and it did go down to 280!
The insulin bottle has the dosages on it, 250-300 is 4 units and so that is what I took, 301-350 is 6 units, after that call the doc but I think logically two more unit increments. Historically, I have had to use the six units
Not too high for a diabetic, perhaps even typical in the course of a day for them, but I AM NOT A DIABETIC!
I only have a diabetic reaction as many do from IV steroids, since my first experience in 2009 with them and that time while hospitalized I had found this out since then by speaking to everyone from doctors to nurses to patients.
Good thing I am prepared!
After all I was a Girl Scout, LOL!
On that note of silly, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night, and to ask you all to kindly count and share all your blessings and we will too! 
And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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