Today I had a 365 glucose with my second dose of IV Solu Medrol,and NO I AM NOT A DIABETIC!

Enduring all this for the love of IV Solu Medrol for Multiple sclerosis, nah....than for its ability of having amazing healing powers, maybe, who knows... and all done without a net and by using only a half dose! Maybe, or not this time, who knows one more time to go! It can take weeks or months to kick in though.
We weren't sure on the insulin dosage since the directions we received were for only up to a 350 glucose... at 400 it says to call the doctor immediately!
Well, by simple deductive reasoning though that states 300-350 is 6 units of insulin, we felt 7 units for 365 would be prudent and not excessive and so far it looks as if we were right. I took it again a while ago and it is heading in the right direction already; by going down to 311 within less than an hour!
Of course it can all change.
As it has before.
All the nurse said when I told her this morning about last night that it had gone up to 306 when we had to administer the 6 units after the 4 for the 281 number earlier, that I should not have any caffeinated coffee or tea. I seem to recall being previously told that and I do have decafe in both, so doable and I did have green tea decafe a little while ago! Propel with electrolytes and vitamins with zero carbs and calories, actually zero everything bad is also part of my beverage repertoire.
Last night I never fell asleep all night and caffeine with steroids it is more than likely responsible culprit for that! But it has been helping my headaches and sleeping until the steroids.
Talk about lost time... actually I didn't lose any since I did do that no no everyone says to never ever do in bed I had binged watched some more Netflix BBC shows or two...Bletchley Circle:  3 series/seasons, and Call the Midwife!:! that is 6 seasons/series and the one I am watching now.
Both set in the nineteen fifties although the first one goes back and forth from World War Two for cohesiveness of their story line set in the 1950's.
Strong but much different women roles in both series. Great for all ages, perhaps PG-13 for some language and content, otherwise for the whole family including all you men!

I'm yawning! Bored, hope that you aren't, probably I am or maybe just finally very, very, very tired!
Good sign.

Have a very happy good night and share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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