Dry, dry, and more dry= hot, hot, hot!

First day here in a long time without rain.
Right now, after five thirty in the evening it is ninety-one degrees, but feels like 100, according to the meteorologists!
It is true that out west , California, Arizona and Nevada in our country in many states they are having actual temperatures in the over one hundred degrees realm, even in some places it's over one hundred and twenty!
So I guess being inside in air-conditioning is all any of us can do.
The sky is a very pretty shade of blue though.
If one must go out you must wear sun screen and hydrate and best to go into a cooling swimming pool due to many natural waterways harboring bacteria with these warmer temperatures and not proper cleaned with chlorine or special Bio Guard or even those salt water swimming pools prevent bacteria and other nasty things more so than the seas, lakes and ponds these days!
So be careful and you can still have lotsa fun!

Hubby and I did go out today, and we spent a small bundle at the grocery store, but food is always a necessity, and yes, we ate lunch at home first! We had a list, but deviated from it considerably on things that we mostly forgot to add to it prior to leaving the house.
Publix employees in our Publix were very friendly, as usual... the only thing is... that they were mostly new faces that seemed to be saying hello, how odd?
Nah, that is their way there; making you feel welcomed.
How truly nice to know some things do not change!
To be helpful, polite and knowledgeable must be their requirements in training their employees, great policy for most all businesses.
And especially now when even groceries may fall by the wayside of being brick mortar stand alones to online shopping and delivery services that already exist in so many places!
With the advent of Amazon who just bought Whole Foods this mega machine of a conglomerate will definitely take advantage of the needs of the too busy or infirm to shop out of their homes, and make ordering and delivery more than likely speedy and cost effective for the masses via computers and phones!
No wonder groceries are now the ones under the gun to make sure their personal touches are so much more desirable to us old fashioned patrons who actually go inside to be that touchy feely type of retail brick and mortar supermarket customer to buy what we see smell and touch, and in many cases taste by sampling first!
But alas Publix has always served its customers well, with baggers packing your groceries for you to helping you out to your car and loading your purchases into it, really what more can any of them do?
Sadly I fear for them and us when that other shoe drops and there are no more buildings to enter just surrealistically through CGI in our techno devices?
No more smelling that melon, checking those berries by turn the carton over, speaking of cartons checking to see if any eggs are broken, why? Why will we miss that? Because "they" will make sure ahead of time that all is well...no complaining on overcharges even by those computerized cash registers, since like most things that are only as accurate as the person who enters in its information, now all other computers will be entering your information into another computer and another computer will set up delivery and a drone might very well deliver it to your front door within minutes!
The future is here!
I don't know about you, but by now 2017 I really thought that our lives would have been more like the Jetsons https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Jetsons, ya know?
Robot maids, flying cars, push button houses, etc., etc. etc... although some have SMART HOMES that their cell phones run, but goodness gracious not all of us...yet... but so many things can be run from our smart phones, truly amazing!
Not mine personally, but you hear and see things on the TV, ya know...
We have flat thin TV screens, three in fact, two thanks to Number One Son, and even one that is SMART, so I guess we too are modern, futuristic here also!
Even our Android phones are considered SMART PHONES!
No key locks on the car all done from buttons on the key or dashboard and it has a back up camera too, hey with that it is still using a key-bob to get in, confusing.
We have Energy Star appliances nearly all of ours that means they all use less power and therefor are more efficient to run, although utility bills continue to go up and down, also confusing. More than likely due to Global Warming, the up part! We are always Hot, Hot, Hot, here in FLORIDA!

Any-who, we ate well for dinner, salmon broiled, sweet potatoes baked, and chilled cucumber salad, made with Greek yogurt and Stevia and sliced cucumber of course! And we each also had a stuffed clam.
I barely ate the clam or the salad, but no worries tomorrow is another day!

On that note of enjoy what is out there and even go out there before it's too late!
A world where Agoraphobia is an acceptable behavior; I sure HOPE NOT!

Share and count those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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