Last night we discussed the return of Lady Misty Bennington and her bling...

... and tonight... where shall we go?
Inanimate is my thingy and I, at one time, could verbally make the non-live come to life in word!

But unfortunately my silly bone is not coming through right now and so... I will go over what has transpired since we last met here.

Last evening a representative from Best Home Services called and verified that they will be here today between 10 A.M. and 2:00 P.M., and today, this morning...A fellow named River called at 8:20 A.M. apologizing since he was stuck on I75 in traffic and since we were scheduled for eight A.M. he felt it prudent to call...huh?
First of all we were scheduled for in between ten and two we told him, and he was calling backwards if their policy is to call a half hour before. Hubby told him to be here at ten.
And River said that he would see us at ten.
Twelve thirty came and went so I called and told the receptionist on a taped call line exactly what was said.
While speaking with her he came in on our call waiting line telling us he was a couple of blocks away.
He mentioned the street that actually intersects ours, and yet it took him twenty minutes to get here from there, perhaps a quarter of a mile away, if even that!
Again this administration influence... is this what is making people believe that lying is OK?
Anyway, he finally arrived and checked and cleaned the system.

Last night I also received a few other calls to set up my Solu Medrol IV infusions, first a nurse and then from the medical supply company who told me that in order to have it at home it would cost out of pocket $225, Medicare does not cover in home, but at the doctor's infusion center it would be 100% covered; a no brainer!
This doctor is less than two miles from our home, so why not?
Three consecutive days have been set up for next week.
Meanwhile I had called my chronic care nurse for a standby vial of insulin. You see, the very first time I showed latent signs of type two diabetes was in 2009 while hospitalized and receiving my first of now sixth time infusions of Solu Medrol infusions, and in the hospital they checked my glucose and felt it necessary to give me insulin, and each and every time since then whenever I have had I had a diabetic reaction, but most do. That first time it took six months for my A1c to go back to nearly normal, after that it also took a few months, but by then I was labeled a "Pre-diabetic" which annoyed me. My A1c has fluctuated as high as 7.1 to as low as this January 5.7, but now it will be screwed up again, just when I thought I would finally get rid of the threat! Not happy about that.

It had been nearly two years since I had my last infusion at home on 8-7-15 The only reason I know that is because we still had the insulin bottle nearly full in the fridge that I only needed a couple injections from back then during that three day period.
Darn, wouldn't you know it was no good after April of this year!
Any-who, my internist Dr. Nord personally called me last night and asked for all the information off the bottle and that she would call it in for me... whew!
Actually, my chronic care nurse, Debbie, did call it in so everything is coordinated to come together at the same time.

And the news is we should be having a drier weekend, so maybe we will get in some fishing, yay!
Hubby is going to catch some bait fish in our canal with his net off of our dock.
If we go out early in the morning or late in the evening for me that are safer, temperature wise, and as long as it is after dawn and dusk the mosquitoes should be a lesser issue!

Hopefully, we will have something to show for our next boating trip...dinner?

On that high note please try to have a very happy good night!

Share all those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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