They're back.............

The Russians are here ha, ha, ha, ha!
Why me?
Do I look like a great asset for information on United States governmental issues????
The numbers might not be too clear, tapping on the screen may help to enlarge the PIC, if not you will have to believe me that so far just today I have had 166 pageviews from RUSSIANS! Only two less than Americans at 168!  Oh here we go, my minutia of knowledge: James stretch Comey Jr., he is six foot eight, anyway his timing has been way off first with Hillary's October surprise horrifically, and now our so-called Pres. DJ's him not getting the actual evidential proof out about the Orange Frothy Haired Guy's investigation into wrong doing with the Russians, shame on you Mister T, but Comey out!
And for some crazy reason my day is up for this function that goes only until 8 P.M. EST!
As I am writing this it is just a couple of minutes past six P.M. EST, and it takes me sometimes as long as an hour to pump one of these gems out, ha!
That was for the gem part...I do know I write drivel, but it is my drivel; so there! ( I am now doing what you cannot see and that is sticking my adult tongue out at you, or maybe not you maybe that person behind you or maybe all of you, ha!
You have fun your way and I'll have it mine!
Small things mean a lot... can you imagine any reason why this would create such interest with the Ruskies? (Hope that is not a racial slur.)
Yes, my grandfather was one of them, and he was a wonderful man.
He also had come to America in the early 1900's!
Genealogically speaking I am 96% Eastern European, 2% Irish, no wonder I enjoy St. Paddy's Day, 1% Italian, mangiare, and 1% Greek, opa, who knew!
Actually, I did for awhile since Hubby and I had our DNA tested by a few years ago for our anniversary presents to each other.
Those were just my distribution of countries, Hubby's were many and much more diverse too to his surprise.
Interesting to have and really doesn't change much except for them telling you all these relatives are out there and many even might want to meet you!
Oh well...
Maybe they are on Facebook?

Moving on...

Today I did an experiment with my motorized wheelchair and my previous failure to maneuver throughout our home and so once indoors I have been reverting to my walker, since my landing stations are close. None more than ten feet from one another, tiny house!
So even though my walker does have a seat and is a hybrid with the ability to transform into a transporter I do not use it out in the world any longer for nearly a year now, in fact this Saturday it will be a year that I have my motorized wheelchair 5-13-16.
Oh, my experiment went rather well.
I even got into bed by making my chair go up like I do for the car seat.
I got a snack in my narrow galley kitchen, washed dishes, got out dishes for dinner too!
I went down the sunroom ramp to the accessible bathroom off that room.
I used the desk in there to make copies for my doctor's appointment of my lists of meds, doctors, and surgeries that I always take with me.
It's been two and half years since I was to these doctors, and I printed their forms from their site and filled those out too!
All time savers.

Moving on some more with an upbeat...

Our successful growing ability in spite of this nasty drought, xeriscape trees that actually do quite well with very little water! Those green bulbous fruits are young mangoes, mmmmm, oh so sweet, and grown from a pit years ago, this is our second or third year of fruits. Below is one of those County Extension's freebie trees, this one is a Crape Myrtle that had been stunted for so long that we had thought we had a dwarf variety, but now with this nasty drought it has decided to grow vertically and blossomed too beautifully! Aint nature swell!

Please do share those blessings and we will too!
And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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