Question America: Are we patients, clients or customers to the medical world?

I believe that we used to be patients, but as medical care became more exasperating we lost our patience, and consequently lost that status too.
Clients sounds too business like and when I think of that I think of more so of law firms.
Customers being the broadest of terms and also never what any of us people/persons/ human being with temporary/ chronic/ or fatal ills would like to be thought of, but due to the medical industry being a bottom line sort of consortium we have been cast into that cold no familiarity type of ranking. I suppose we all have our own bottom lines on the line these days while dealing with the medical professions.
If you think about it they are already like a monopoly in the respect where else can we go for medical treatment if not to doctors, walk in clinics and hospitals etc.?
Heart is missing way too often, except for a few of my friends who had gone into the profession when heart was a very important part of medical care. Although, like me many have retired.
Obamacare/ Trumpcare?
Do they really care?
Money, money, money has been the bottom line for those programs more so than actual "CARE", definitions of CARE are: 1.the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance and protection of someone or something. "The care of the elderly"
2. serious attention or consideration applied to doing something correctly or to avoid damage or risk.

Do the people putting our HEALTHCARE programs together even know what they are??????????
Pennies to make many medications, while the over charges to the public are obscene!
Premiums for insurance policies go higher and higher when most "customers" have to do all the work for themselves!
Doctors have more assistants than patients some days, when waiting rooms are empty. And when filled waits go into hours!
Nothing is working right!

Again, today, I received a call verifying via robo call an appointment this week with the orthopedic PA, and so I called back to make sure that they received the MRIs reports I was assured two weeks ago they would have along with their DVDs, and no they did not have them, yet.
And so I called and found out that the person who assured me they would be sent from the Advanced Imaging MRI place had not sent them after she said they would be sent out that day, two weeks ago.
Meanwhile, now Carol in records there has said that tomorrow both will go out via courier, and should be there/Advantage Orthopedic Center, a few miles away from them, no later than late morning so if I want to check by tomorrow afternoon they should be there.

Geez, if I want to check?
Does anyone but me remember when people did what they said when they said they were going to do it and NOBODY HAD TO CHECK????????????

But of course I will.
This is my lot in life, and I sadly imagine many others, maybe even you?
Verifying our medical care. I suppose this puts us back in somewhat of control, but really????????

You see the issue is important to see my most recent MRIs of my brain, done 4-7-17 cervical and thoracic regions, done 4-11-17 to see if the brain is the cause, meaning my MS or my herniations and stenosis has gotten worse and is causing my problems and it can all be fixed!
Fixable me?
What a nice thought.

I will leave you all with that.

Good night to all folks and count your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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