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Correction of 4-28-17 entitled, "Arbor Day!" post section in "moving on" to Bed Bath and Beyond and of the purchase of a battery type broom that they make it is not a Black Decker brand, but the Bissell brand Bolt plus model; at around seventy dollars, minus the 20% discount plus tax it is a very nice deal!
We have it ten days now and Hubby finds it simplifies his life with Gus chasing critters into the plumbagoes that its flowers stick to his fur, gives new meaning to the concept flower child! He becomes ensconced with very pretty blue flowers in his hair that drop all over the floor once inside...!

The laundry room's broom closet that holds our regular vacuum, brooms, dustpans, dusters, mop etc. is off to the right front of the photo, and to the left of that is a child's sized toy box that is used as a seat and as our laundry hamper, above that is a seagull wooden carved blue and white colored knobbed rack for leashes and the occasional jacket of Hubby's, and next to that is a nautical themed clock and a drop down shelf for folding clothes that is under that. The washer dryer combo is straight ahead, new, but replacing the identical one that lasted over twenty years, and it has cabinets above that hold laundry baskets, and to the right side of that are more cabinets the one above that used to hold our thirty gallon hot water heater, but a new forty gallon one is in the garage out the door to the right. Now it is additional pantry space for overflow paper goods and club soda etc., above where it had been and below in the other cabinets are laundry detergent, stain remover, white vinegar and baking soda all large economy sizes! Above the doorway we are looking in from is a large shelf that holds things like our roasting pan, sewing machine, and barbecue metal baskets and juicers, yes we have a few. The lowest cabinet to the right straight ahead has a roll out shelf with my craft supplies in that! It used to have a circular entry for Casey, our cat's litter box, without the roll out, Hubby made that, but sadly Casey passed away several years ago, (I was able to attain a solid door from the same company years after Casey had passed on. Still have the cat box door opening one though... you never know.) He was a quite handsome cat, a long haired orange tabby with amber eyes!
Oh, that is not where the battery broom stays, it fits nicely in the corner near its plug to charge. I took it out to take its picture.
You can just barely see the door to the garage there, and above that has a sign stating Captain's Quarters, meaning Hubby's workshop.
The laundry/mud room is compact, but just right for the two of us.
Moving on...
Hubby mowed the dust bowl again today, again due to popper uppers like green whiskers on what used to be our lawn.
Our whole state is under attack from forest fires; but we are very fortunate that they're none too close to us.
The humidity is down, but the wind can come up and spread the damn things! Fires that is; they are mostly caused by carelessness with cigarettes, weather related is less likely, people burning things when they shouldn't, the whole state I believe is under a no burn order!
What gets me is that Charlotte County here in Florida is selling fresh water from our reservoirs to Cape Coral for their fresh water canals that they diminished by watering their lawns with it and our county is 
making millions from that, but our fire warning is more severe than even theirs and so what if we need the water to help fight the fires here!
I guess with Hubby retired we are out of the loop to know how this is a practical idea.
Sure the money, but what if we need it?
Oh well.
I suppose I sound selfish, nah just prudent and logical.... but they were the ones who used up their water to have plush lawns forgetting the fire issue and that we are all in a severe drought!
It's just a few more weeks until rainy season, June first it begins.
I can remember one year it was so dry they were about to cancel the Fourth of July fireworks and then the rain came!
Unfortunately, here people think fireworks are for every holiday and Memorial weekend is coming up soon I sure hope it either rains or people use some common sense!
Share those blessings folks and we will too!
And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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