*Emulate: to match or surpass, typically by imitation.
*Imitation: the act of using something or someone as a model
Let me get this straight now that blonde woman who ran for president in France was *enamored, a feeling of love for our President DJ and so she copied his style, political platform, ideas, etc. etc. and she lost?
Viva la France!
They are definitely smarter than whomever rigged our contest last November, and according to our pre-president statements that it was Hillary, so he suggested... that is until he won!
And then the rest of us who did vote for Hillary realized it must have been him that rigged it and that is what he was telling us the whole time, still no absolute proof just many of our logical, no other way it could have happened, not even if pigs were to fly that he would have won unless it was opinions.
Sure seems that way though... really!

 * all definitions thanks to: Dictionary.com

Moving on...

Today we chilled; although outside was the real chilly weather, last day of our "cold front" it was fifty-six degrees Fahrenheit this morning and eighty-two by the afternoon. By tomorrow it will be back in the upper eighties and nineties during the rest of the week, and still not yet summer here!
That is June 21st.

Believe it or not I saw the last of the Midsomer Murders shows, a UK mystery sent to Netflix last night, all 19 series with all episodes to date. I suspect that their "series" are considered the same in the UK as we call "seasons" in the USA, a lot of shows anyway you look at them and I did, ha!
The shows began in 1996 all the way through 2016, yes twenty years, and it was fun watching the cars and technology with phones, computers and methods of determining scientific ways to solve crimes/murders all change, fascinating.
The series still continues and so I will just wait until the newer shows are released to Netflix.
Grace and Frankie or is it Frankie and Grace, any-who, all caught up, recommendable.
Better Call Saul, didn't care for this one this time, maybe I will try it again, who knows. 

 So since our laundry was all caught up, and Hubby was feeling poorly, nothing serious, but we put Gus's park visit on hold. We have been trying to go when the weather permitted, and here in Florida rain and not too stifling with heat, so cool clear weather is when we would go!
But we stayed home, and chilled by watching more Midsomer Murders together, Hubby started way after me and he is just in the ninth series, but since I think I might have fallen asleep when watching and do not remember them all I sat and watched with him, and yes I was able to, thankfully!
We have only one smart TV that we get Netflix on and of course my laptop, so usually Hubby is in the living room watching on the Smart TV in there and I recline in the bedroom with my special hospital table and my laptop in there/here, where I am now writing this!
I also recharge it and my phone while here.
So it was nice to watch in the same room for a change.

Its just another one that I got Hubby hooked on there were others.
And he has made recommendations for me too, if we don't know each other after nearly fifty years who does?
Yep, we met August 31, 1967!
Both going to work for Ohrbach's department store at the Bergen Mall in Paramus NJ, where we met for the first time.
This was just before our senior years of high school but from two different ones, his Riverdell and mine Emerson, he ended up working in the men's department and they put me in the children's and infants, way back when!
My first job not baby sitting or working for my dad.
Hubby's second job, since he had worked at the Hackensack Fox Theater, first as an usher then as a manager, boy he was young!
We were both seventeen when we met!

Well that's all for tonight, have a happy one, and count all those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!    
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