Have you ever smelled an odd odor and knew that it was there, but no one else could smell it so they looked at you like you were crazy?
Are you sure?
One thing I must admit, even when I used to be a smoker I had a keen sense of smell, except of myself that probably stunk with that nasty habit that fortunately I gave up nearly eleven years ago!...Anyway, I have this unique ability to smell nasty smells before most other people do and my tiny sniffer, no my nosey has never been large, always could sniff out what the rude cause was... like today.
Actually, for days I have been telling Hubby that I had smelled mold somewhere in our bedroom!
I know, disgusting!
I had asked him to move our rather large king size bed, but it is on wheels, because I felt it was emanating from beneath!
You see, as many with tiny homes and no attic or basements space do we use under the beds for storage.
In the guest room under that bed we have two very long molded plastic lidded wheeled storage compartments bought and made for just that and they hold a few of Hubby's cold weather coats as well as the other holds my Teddy Bear collection.
I decided years ago to discontinue displaying them. They became a pain to move off the bed and shelves when company arrived, and they became dust collectors, so they were all cleaned and stored away, perhaps someday for grandchildren?
No odor there due to nothing damp.

Under our bed I store our darker/winter colored cushions for the dinette chairs and in the winter our lighter striped ones switched out, and a few items that are for my medical use purposes, and Hubby has a box on the other side.
Logically, nothing that could or should get moldy or give off odors.
Even when Hubby moved the bed from side to side the report was dust, but no mold!
I was resting in the living room, and felt that my nose that has never betrayed me before was maybe this time was getting its pursuit of this putrid odor all wrong?
I rushed to examine the bedroom, as if a detective looking for clues and proof that I was right!
Although, this time, it appeared at first blush that Hubby was right, aside from some nasty dust bunnies that he has, since vacuumed up, no signs of mold were anywhere on the floor or wall!, not even on the window sill, but the ledge on the lower portion of window itself was spotted with dark greenish black YUCK!
This is the window directly behind our head board!
Not that wonderful to have this time...

Unfortunately, with me having asthma Hubby did the honors of cleaning it up with a 50/50 bleach/water combo and filled the portion of lip with that combo that empties out into the garden on the other side.
The only thing I can figure out how this could have happened is that our air-conditioning regulates by shutting itself on and off, same as always with all our previous central air systems, allowing for very low humidity in the house and with my CPAP machine, tuned to a higher humidity on my night stand on the same wall...perhaps the combination of the two created the problem? Who knows?

In Florida you do not want any significant humidity indoors for that very reason, thus us learning early on that you must have either air or heat on accordingly, more so now with me having asthma!
All is put back together now, so all is right within my little world!

Mold was a significant issue after the hurricanes 2004-2005 for many of us in this state, and we do have in our home owners insurance as well as all other possibilities mold insurance, sink hole, hurricane, flood, theft, fire etc. etc... all insurances one can think of, and pay hefty premiums accordingly for them!
So when they found some under the eves after Hurricane Charley we had been treated 100%, most likely caused due to no electricity for weeks, in August to September, except when using the generators, but even then they were gas, so not for very long at a time too expensive.

Could the mold have made my last several days of my feeling badly been the cause?
With me I have so much going on one never does know entirely does one?
Anything is possible, and I am more than sure it did not help.
Any-who, its resolved now, and my nose did not let me down again!

Good night to all, share those blessings and we will too!

Next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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