I'm not fixable.

I had my orthopedic appointment today.
The PA said as she went over my cervical stenosis and thoracic stenosis and herniations on the accessible DVDs she said that although the cervical area is slightly worse from its last MRI nearly three years ago the spinal cord has fluid around it only a small area within the neck has a bit less on one side and there are spurs here and there, pretty much the same as my thoracic area as well, and so since my main complaint is numbness she feels that it is my Progressive Multiple sclerosis causing all my symptoms. And that although I should come in for a look see whenever the neurologist chooses for my next MRIs to see if it is any different.
Meanwhile, I see my return to neuro, the one from eight years ago, next month.
So that is it for now medically speaking, oh yeah... no promises... that is...as far as beating my dead horse on this topic...perhaps!
Until they find a cure for MS! Probably sooner I will discuss.
Look please.
It might be easier than impeaching Mister T!
Toss up, not really he should be gone soon... I am trying hard to cross my fingers!( not so easy anymore.)
Still hoping for both cures!
Our country and our human ills.

 Moving on...

After the orthopedics appointment Hubby and I went over to Lowe's for toe kick trim for our kitchen cabinets, all these years we had not put them on.
Reverse engines and go back to about two or three days or maybe weeks ago... now fast forward, to just the other day, okay, continue...
I wanted Hubby to paint that part below the cabinets after washing the scruffy area thoroughly with some nearly toxic but not quite cleansing compound, but Hubby said he has the stuff out in the garage somewhere that is supposed to go on there, oops sadly it was a goner... dry rot and yucky dirt, embarrassingly not redeemable at all!
See that's what happens to things you forget about for a dozen years or so, oops!
Any-who, we now have new stuff and liquid nails to install it with, and Hubby gave me this time a time frame of TOMORROW, YAY!
See, I am easy to please... get your minds out of the gutter, nah, go there but come right back, since there is more to tell!
Bartenders Friend also was purchased there in the large economy size!
I don't know about you, but it does an incredible job on keeping our stainless steel pots and pans looking like new!
They sold it for a mere $2.08!
I know, cheap, especially in that size!
Never bought it there before, usually at the grocery.
But there just normal sized i.e.grocery.
See, I am easy.

After that we went up to Ingman's Marine where we had bought our Sea Hunt Triton 202 back in 2003, the salesman, Orion, or maybe O'ryan, (I haven't seen it written anywhere yet), there he has a pontoon boat for us, a 2017 Bennington fish 20 salt water that has a front opening that would be wide enough for my motorized wheelchair to go through! The price needs tweaking and he even came down to see our boat for a trade in the other day, and offered three times higher than over the phone, but we still need to tweak the price a bit, looking better though.
We have another place the BoatHouse also working on finding one, but theirs are the Sweetwater brand,  Bob with Rick, with our boat used as a trade in, now that the motor is fixed and purring great we have many more options. Hubby did hire the boat mechanic that our neighbor used too. The fix cost just under five hundred, $481, but it seems to be paying off already with the trade in adjustments going up, tripling and that by several thousands!

Oh we ate lunch at Firehouse Subs where I get my 370 calorie salad and Hubby gets his  NY steamer pastrami and corned beef with cheese and mustard sub, both of us had iced water with even real lemons and limes, less than fifteen bucks for the two of us for our lunch.

So in spite of me not being physically fixable, emotionally we all can work on that, yep and with me that seems to be nearly a fulltime job!
Looking for fun in all the old places.

Count those blessings please and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!


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