Take Archie Bunker, please!

A list came out today of shows being cancelled and one on that list was one that Hubby and I both enjoyed.
A half hour comedy on Friday nights at eight P.M. EST, on ABC, called "Last Man Standing".
Starring Tim Allen as Mike Baxter, as a sporting goods store co-owner with veteran actor Hector Elizondo as Ed Alzate, as his partner.
In this he is also the father of three daughters, his previous show he had three sons on that one, and that was Home Improvement, and in real life he has two daughters, in this show each daughter is with different political leanings. His eldest, Kristin, played by Amanda Fuller, is a restaurant manager and is married to a very liberal/vegan with beliefs that their son's team should all get participation awards, Ryan, played by Jordan Masterson who had gotten her pregnant in high school. His middle daughter, Mandy, played by Molly Ephraim, is A-political and used to be boy crazy, but now is a fashion designer and has found her niche in that very field within her own basement designer clothing factory, add into her life having a lovable dumb boyfriend, Kyle, who works for her Dad and Ed as their gofer, played by Christoph Sanders, while the youngest, Eve, tomboy, played by Kaitlyn Dever, who also was excellent in Justified, follows his extremely conservative beliefs and is on a fast track to go to West Point. His wife, Vanessa, played by Nancy Travis who was a geologist, but quit when her eldest daughter pointed out that she was compromising her beliefs due to the company she was working for was actually fracking! And so Mom quit and went back to school and got her teaching degree and that is what she does now.
Tim Allen to me comes across as a better educated, but still narrow-minded curmudgeon Archie Bunker type, who seems to be straightened out many times over by his bevy of logical strong women and son-in-law.
ABC is cancelling this show with historically high ratings that has been on for six years.
Their reason is being guessed upon due to everything from too conservative with this current political climate of negativity that being the administration too conflicted, to the other obtuse logical thoughts of leaving an opening for better programming in that primetime timeslot.
Who knows.
Tim Allen who will be sixty-four next month, with a degree in communications specializing in radio from Western Michigan University has also had to deal for many years sporadically with his own demons, from drug possession and arrest for 650 grams (1.43 LB) of cocaine at the airport that he pled guilty to trafficking charges and provided names of dealers in exchange for three to seven years rather than life imprisonment. That was back in October of 1978, and he was paroled in June of 1981, after serving two years and four months in Federal Correctional Institution, Sandstone Minnesota.
In 1997 he was arrested again this time for a DUI with a blood alcohol 0.15, he entered an alcohol abuse program as a part of his court obligation.
*Tim Allen Wikipedia data/info
This guy has made it in spite of severe missteps so cancellation I am sure will not create havoc for him, but it's just a shame that all these talented people are being purged for reasons unknown to consumers who like their show.
Of course all business decisions are usually traced back to CEOs calling changes due to their bottom lines, but this hasn't been proven for this show that has been an equal opportunity employer from its diverse cast to its showing both sides of the coin, and yes they have smart good looking Afro-American/black, played by Jonathan Adams as Chuck and Carol Larabee, played by Erika Alexander, are the neighbors that are there to give Tim Allen's Mike Baxter character a run for his money of his going by the wayside prejudicial beliefs, but in the end the respect shows through between the uncertainty. The entire cast are A-1 quality performers and it is a shame to not allow more years for this to go on; I do believe it is timely and with the Trump card in Mike's repertoire oh what comedy writer's couldn't have a ball with that, why only late night, doesn't prime time have any pull?

With all the Netflix shows that I have been streaming these days it behooves me to pay more attention to actual free network TV programing.
Although, many shows that leave the freebies either end up on FOX also free, or Cable, not free.
Many do eventually get to streaming, but again ...not free!
Albeit, many people have no qualms about paying for any entertainment even when it all used to be "free", or at least priced right and we were then able to choose what you actually wanted to watch!
Nah, Last Man Standing deserves better as many that have gone to that great big cancelling shelf room space on the TV Kingdom's back lots!

Not having finales are just upsetting especially when they cut the cord before we all get our closure.

These comments are solely my opinions, after all that is why this is called,  "Speaking My Mind", not yours, mine, ha!
What do you think, and have you felt saddened when one of your shows was cancelled before what you felt was its/your time?

          OHhhhhhhhhhhh TIM ALLEN! Shame on you when playing yourself. I do believe you do better with a script. As a Jewish woman I too take offense of your comments of Hitler's Germany and how the annihilation of six million Jews comes no where near to your half assed commentary, your oppression will be self inflicted if you do not check your so-called wise quips at the door!
As an actor you have it, as a human being please keep looking!
My opinion only, that is I speak for myself here.
Someone write for this guy so he has time to think before he speaks ever again!
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