Frustration getting you down?

You betcha!
Between this administration's daily enormous faux pas, ignorance, stupidity antics, irrational behavior and on and on and on...
My own little world collapses daily just when I think I have a handle on things...
I finally subscribed to a dental insurance plan last month.
They took out a processing fee plus the May payment and today they took out the one for June.
Minimal cost plan that included free X-rays and cleaning yearly and percentages for other necessities like fillings and root canal etc. after six months.
Easy peasy, except when you try to find dentists that accept the plan, a Humana PPO dental.
I have been given local names through the plan, but oddly the dentists did not exist at those addresses or phone numbers, and also dental offices that misunderstood the type of plan stating that it was part of Medicare, which it is not; it is a stand alone plan.
So I reversed my strategy and I Googled local dental offices and many were screwed up in the fact that these offices did not ever have the dentist listed or had they ever worked there.
To top it all off one office asked me for my social security number when they were going to check for my coverage, and foolishly I gave it to them, later it upset me so much that I called back and asked the receptionist who asked me for it for her last name! Her reply is we cannot do that!
Not fair, she had all my info and I had no recourse if someone stole my identity due to her carelessness with my too personal info!

Our accounts have been compromised before, that is our VISA has been twice, and so we had to close those cards and open new ones, and one time it was right after we received our new ones for that year.
Ours are usually good for a couple of years, then they send new ones before they are up; like everyone else's I believe.
Darn, those computer chips seem to not be helping!
They do in Europe where they have been securing cards for years there, but for some reason not always here it seems, could be our machines are funky.

Another thing Hubby and I have both been noticing are CCTV, close circuit television,  camera security monitors for interiors and exteriors in all our mysteries in England, Australia and Scotland, even on the Shetland Island, with them having a very small population! I most recently streamed Dr. Blake Mysteries from Australia, and I am currently and nearly done with Shetland, yes, the islands off of the Scottish coast, UK was the setting for the Midsomer Murders that I finished a while ago all very enjoyable mysteries. Hubby is still watching Midsomer Murders with 19 series/seasons that is why, he's on 12 nearly 13.
Here in America so many think of the cameras, CCTV, as too invasive and compromising to their own privacy, stating the BIG BROTHER analogy, but there they help prevent or help aid in getting crime under control. A wonderful crime solving tool.
Although, many here use them inside and out for their homes.
Double standards I suppose.
Personally, I think they are a good idea.
Fort Myers Florida has them and many US cities have been using them too.
I say look up at the cameras and smile!

Oh so I cancelled my 'new' dental insurance plan due to all the aggravation, and still worries of hyper extending my neck during the exam and transferring to their dental chair for x-rays.
I am to receive an entire refund for monies taken from account and my X-agent Steve did finally call me back and he promised to discuss what I told him happened at his next meeting, which is bi-monthly.

On this note of frustration I know that can be as much a part of life as happiness can be, but we must make that happen too, and then we should be grateful, so now allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very "Happy Good Night", and ask you all to share all your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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