Hubby and I went out to lunch today and I wonder if anybody at NBC-2 and WINK, CBS there too news in Ft. Myers knows where we went?

Only in Florida would a couple go out to celebrate Mother's Day at a restaurant named Hurricane Charley's! And the plaque in the reception is at the entrance of the Jim Reif room named in His memory, a southwest Florida meteorologist who worked for both stations during his tenure. He died horrifically in a freakish bicycle accident in 2014, falling over his handle bars in a stop!
 The next picture there too is when Jeb Bush our then Governor and his brother the president came here locally after the devastation of Hurricane Charley 8-13-04, a Friday. That is also our head of emergency management in the photo, Hubby also worked with Wayne Salade on different Charlotte County Sheriff office business, while a deputy.
 A homeowner's warning in the aftermath, below.
And after lunch we went to Fishville AKA Fisherman's Village. We found a handicap spot only after one go round!
The restaurant, Hurricane Charley's, just over the bridge into Punta Gorda from Charlotte Harbor had an enormous quality buffet today in honor of Mother's Day everything from prime ribs to lobster, shrimp dishes scampi linguine etc., soups, salads and amazingly decadent desserts!
The cost of all the fanfare was $28 a person; and from what we saw was well worth the cost.

We did not go for that though, too much food for someone like me who consistently takes home doggie bags, and Hubby agreed for himself too.
He had a blackened Grouper sandwich with believe it or not a fruit cup! Not his usual choice.
And I had what they called lotsa lobster or some such other cute name, truthfully I forgot.
Mine was basically a lobster roll with Cole slaw and lobster bisque soup, yum!
We both had iced water with lemon and limes.
And yes, my half of my unfinished lunch is in the fridge.
For dinner I had leftover homemade vegetable soup from two days ago.
Hubby has a cold and a nasty cough and so with a big lunch like he had finished he is snacking.
Not so terrible we both had a big breakfast too! Bacon, eggs and home fries. I actually share my egg with Gus so his medicine can go in, but today I did splurge on two thin slices of bacon, usually I have only one, and a smidge of the home fries that is made simply from one potato, cooked for three and half minutes in the microwave then dunked in cold water for easy peeling, skin lifts off and then chopped and fried in same frying pan as eggs. For crisper bacon we do it in the microwave too, on a plate wrapped in paper towel for a minute less than the amount of slices. If still not crisp, put back in thirty second increments.
Number One Son called when we arrived at Fishville's parking lot and Hubby took over driving my chariot into the shade of the place to continue my Mother's Day chat with Number One Son while he was in his car, hours away from us, on his way home from work!

Share those blessings and we will too!

I hope everyone had a great Mom's Day, all and all mine turned out to be not too bad after all was said and done.
You see, there is a double whammy for me on this occasion, when my Dad passed away way back on 5-11-1986 that day was also Mother's Day, so I do have too many reasons it is an extra effort to try harder on this day as well as we all need to for most anyway to understand the happiness it should bring to all, Moms, Dads and all children, true!
Life is difficult enough, due to this administration, i.e.!

 Next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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