Distraction, organization and easy peasy dinner!

Everyone in this day and age needs at times a distraction from the horrors of the realities in this world, true?
So...turn off those techno devices and kick back and chill or even get out of the house and get some retail therapy, as us old timers used to call it!
 In our case nothing extravagant just a diversion from what we might have been doing if we hadn't gone out.
Destinations these days are a must, although in spite of gas prices we too have been known to just get in the car and go for a ride.
Today though was my mini project, more organizing, this time the top of the fridge; lately it looks as if a frat boy lives here with a high salt intake diet with all the chip type snacks up there.
Don't worry they are mostly skinny Hubby's and not that highly salted as one might think.
Mine are the gluten free pretzels, now low fat ones, occasionally pita chips with humus(kept in the fridge) and lightly salted sunflower seeds, Hubby's are potato chips, cheese poufs, Tostitos, shared with my homemade guacamole, and not one of those hand injuries oddly enough from clumsy me in the dealings with the avocadoes, ( I am the one who nearly cut off her thumb with the mandolin slicing a potato years ago,) cashews, also shared but not as often, and of course pistachios. The nuts are now all contained in the pantry and the chip stuff is in appropriate containers without chip clips and no longer falling over!
The sealed containers were purchased for $6.88 x 3= $20.64 x .07 for tax= $1.45 = total of $21.09 for the three sets of four different sizes in each one, including their lids, so a total of twelve containers plus their lids like Rubbermaid quality, but not. They do pop closed from the top middle.
Lids are white, and the containers are lightly opaque, albeit mostly clear.
Any-who a bargain, and everyone of the pieces were used and now have been stored appropriately either on top of the fridge, actually only three, the others are all in the pantry.
I have been trying to find containers for quite some time, many were in the hundred dollar range, but  way too dear in price for me, and so when I saw these I took them!
That was at Walmart, I know, I know some people have very harsh feelings about them, but I think they are trying harder especially with healthier food choices, more light and lower salt and fat free!
More women working there appear happy and I hope they are being promoted with an equal/proper pay scale.

Quieter again there with the snowbirds gone and we were able to find a handicap space without effort.
We also picked up a rotisserie chicken in the traditional flavor, that was all they had!
Usually you have a choice of lemon pepper, Cajun, or barbecue, oh well.
Lately we have been making homemade fries, healthier than frozen ones even and not that difficult to make.
Take two or three of your favorite potatoes we had bought this time gold ones and Hubby did do the slicing, peel, and then cutting them into fries shape, each potato yields many, sometimes one or two is enough, but this time I felt we could freeze the rest and take out some when we desired some more.
Put the sliced fries shaped potatoes into a pot of water, bring to a boil, let boil for ten minutes, then drain into a colander, and pat dry with paper or cloth towel.
Place separated on a PAM sprayed cookie sheet, lightly spray them on top too and sprinkle with sea salt also lightly or none if you so desire.
Bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for twenty minutes, for crisper fries broil for a few minutes, but make sure you watch them, then enjoy them! Freeze the rest and mark the freezer Ziploc with homemade fries and the date and cooking directions if you so desire.
Use when you like.
We also had left over antipasto from the full moon at Bocca Lupo's half price sale, large thin crust pizza and this time since they didn't have any small antipasto salads they gave us the large for the price of the small!
And more of my salad from the Firehouse Subs that I hadn't finished either!
So dinner was easy peasy!
Sure the fries had to be made, and oddly enough our good OXO brand peeler broke when Hubby started the peeling, but we had our old model with no padding no frills for ease of use, but still functions one and Hubby finished the peeling.
And making them yourself are so much worth it, without additives!
My right hand is swollen again otherwise I would have done it, I suppose my crazy/mad desire to remove all the plastic/paper/box containers and replace them with a more uniform neater more organized look took a toll on my right hand that has been black and blue bruised besides swollen too lately. But even though I know it needs the surgery I remember how long it takes to recuperate from it, four months for my left one back in August of 2001, sixteen years ago. I was younger and healthier then, now it could take longer, and I am a righty. Basilar surgery is major surgery no matter how you cut it, ha!

Happy night to all and share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!


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