Very late lunch today!

Had my last two MRIs, cervical (neck) and thoracic (chest) with and without contrast.
Was scheduled for 12:15 P.M., but I did not go in until 12:40 P.M. and got out at 2:30 P.M.
No breakfast was allowed and so I was pretty darn hungry and Hubby waited too, and so he was also very hungry!
We decided to eat at Applebee's so he could have his burger and I could take advantage of their healthier low cal. choices, he had their all American burger, and I had their spicy steak and bean soup 180 calories with a spicy chicken wrap.
Today we ordered our usual beverage of iced water with lemon and limes on the side.
The ride there was only a few blocks even with medium traffic maybe ten minutes. Many snowbirds have flown home we think; at least according to us seeing less foreign license plates.
Any-who, by the time we received our lunches it was about a quarter after three!

Hubby ate his entire bacon cheese burger, and I ate my soup and half of my wrap, yep that's all, and so we asked for ice to put into to our lined cooler bag from the grocery and a container and were on our way!
The next destination was to go to a couple of boat dealers and the one where we had bought our Sea Hunt, Ingman's, new back in 2003 was our first stop, they were selling Bennington pontoon boats, I stayed in the car.
The temperatures have soared again, nearly ninety, actually 88, but close enough!
Hubby wandered as I stayed in the air-conditioned car and waited.
He came back shortly aggravated since he could find no sales people to help him, but as he was telling me loudly as he was getting into our car... a salesman came over and explained that he was the only one there today! Hubby and I could see he was helping another Hubby and wife and so we decided to call them back later.
That one was north of Applebee's and the other was south of our home.
They too were busy and Hubby found a new Sweetwater pontoon boat, a seventeen footer, but looked like it had all our requirements, and was priced within our ability to pay, only one problem... the opening to board was only 23" and my motorized wheelchair is 26"! Doorways are preferably for me to go through smoothly are 30"!

So maybe we better rethink the whole thing.

Oh well... not all can be that narrow?

On this note of a bit of a shorty, share those blessings and next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

  PS: Latest binge watch on Netflix is Midsomer Murders from the BBC, no stars given yet, but the series is 19 years so far and still going strong! Quite enjoyable! I had finished the Murdoch Mysteries of seven seasons and even got Hubby to watch, and he is still watching.
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