Thinking, thinking, thinking...

Why do people believe what they say without thinking in a public setting, let's just say for argument's sake on national TV that it is okay to retract a statement said with conviction when your ignorance is caught by thinking people?????? No, backsies your stupidity is out there! And your apology is not accepted!
When you are a public figure and have to speak to let's say a country maybe even the world, shouldn't you perhaps have a written script to reference to stay on topic, and let's say that someone reliable other than yourself since ignorance is not retractable should be able to check all facts before stupidly saying a hurtful, hateful, horrendous mistake to an audience of people who definitely are more aware of what is true than you are and that you should be retrained to understand what previously of what your actual job entails? Read below:
As Whitehouse press secretary whose primary responsibility is to act for the executive branch of the Unites States government administration, especially with regard to the President, senior executives and polices; Sean Spicer you should be fired!
History is NOT a second language!
You failed your responsibilities shamefully!
Hitler was an atrocity and notorious for causing atrocities!
He was an animal, too mean to animals, forgive, a gasser of too many lives, killing millions, toxic gas is gas, in those chambers that you MIGHT have heard of!
Get your analogies correct or better yet do not make them!
Far as most of sane America goes, YOU SHOULD BE FIRED!
We Americans cannot accept this ignorance/ hate, in our government and somehow it must be stopped!
We the people call for your resignation!

Moving on...

Boat people called back today and we're in the manufacturer mode of checking to see if the engineering department can figure it all out; i.e. making the doorway opening wide enough
for me, i.e. my motorized wheelchair, to fit comfortably through. Pricing is still within the realm of possibilities.

Hubby mowed our dust bowl today!
We, in spite of the miniscule rain droplets we have received in this our very dry, very fire ridden season had sticker uppers in patches throughout our lawn.
Hubby dealt with those, but this time with our lawn mower not the trimmer, although he did trim with the trimmer around the fences and trees, got that?
PS Cape Coral, who have been making a fuss over one day a week being allowed to water, just recently; for your information we in Charlotte County have been on that once a week system for years, including wells, due to our very high aquifer!
Those people down there, seem to think they are "special" and have pumped their fresh water canals nearly dry!
Water is a commodity that should never be taken for granted.
Or eventually we will be without any!
Once rainy season kicks in our lawn has historically come back, every year!
And yes, this is our first home without a sprinkler system, out of the four before, and the last one on the other coast went to reclaimed water, great idea!
Thus why we use our rain barrels here, but just for the gardens not the lawns.
Vegetable oil on the tops prevent mosquitos from laying eggs, as well just like mosquito eating fish in our fish pond prevent mosquitos there, the live baring fish were free from the county extension, by the way.

In closing our lives are never easy, but not getting along with one another makes it just more difficult so we must try to work together, please. In this again a holiday season for every faith intertwining.

Share those blessings and next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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