When world's collide!

Personal depressing news and the horrific news daily from, about or because of this horrid administration!
Setting back policies that have been in effect for decades by circumventing their initial purpose for women to have control over their bodies is just one of the many examples of how things are going so very wrong!
Using warheads without concise plans, sure we all want the villains gone, including our home grown ones, but this is not a parlor game this is real life! Organize and ask people who know how to accomplish this.

My MRIs were mixed reviews.
My brain one with all the main lesions are stable, no new or active ones, great news!
As far as my neck (cervical) one goes I do have two major and one minor herniation c4major,c5minor,c6major, and my stenosis is stable there without any MS lesions.
My thoracic (chest) region shows a new herniation between T8-9 with spinal canal stenosis are demonstrated the neuroforamina are patent bilaterally that wasn't there before either. Nothing was said either way about MS lesions in the thoracic region, confused? So I will take it as a no? There was also disc signal loss seen at multiple levels in the thoracic region, not good, I think.  
Basically, all my physical problems have been justified.
My brain lesions can cause many of my symptoms from numbness to spasms anywhere up and down my body, as well as headaches and so does my cervical stenosis, that is my numbness and my bellyaches and headaches, and my heart (angina) as well as numbness in my arms, hands and thighs/ legs and feet, my lower extremities the thoracic region can take claim to them! My spondylosis is still degenerating all throughout my spine, and that I was diagnosed with over twenty years ago.
Validation is not always good news, sometimes it can be depressing.
And with all the other news, news that is, I feel as if my world's of my life and the one that we all live in are colliding into nasty territory!
Heartbreaking at times the national/international news that is, mine too for me I suppose.
People are dying from illnesses that I am not, just paralysis is hovering ever so much more closer now.
Bombs are dropping, but not on me; except reality ones of my health issues.
People are being shot at in the streets, innocent decent folks, but no not me, only with injections.
It scares me this world we are in, at times it feels as if all we knew and trusted is falling away into oblivion, and yet we know we should never ever think that way.
So we continue trying to change things, but sadly nothing seems to work.
Oh why, oh why?????
Have we here, in this country, have we done something to deserve this?


We cannot believe that we would do anything that evil!

Oh wait, I could be wrong, but didn't more than half the voters vote to hire this administration??????
Oh no, he lost the popular vote by millions and supposedly won the Electoral College by their majority!
Oh wait, he said the election was rigged!
Yes, he kept saying that!
But he won.
So he rigged it for himself to win?!

So he is our Armageddon our Apocalypse our end to this world!
Not any of the religious concepts as how we will be all gone, but just one more home grown terrorist will end it all! Irony, since he wouldn't allow the truly peaceful people in...
My only question is will it end with a whimper or a bang?

PEOPLE PLEASE, PLEASE, do not allow this to happen, he must be stopped with all his associates! By non-violent means, dethrone him, defrock him, sue him by bringing out all his illegal business practices and his rampant nepotism now while he is in power, and he not taking this job seriously as a full-time one with him taking every weekend off??????? His tax statements should have been shown to all Americans; he is the first president to not show us his returns in the last forty years!

He, I feel will be the end to all of our freedoms!
And he has already taken some of those away.
Daily he tries for more...
I cannot see any good news in our nations near future, and that is extremely depressing.

Good night to all, and share those blessings while you can and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!  
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