Leftover rotisserie chicken recipes to add to your repertoire!

Seriously, who doesn't need a couple more?

For the first dinner I thought of Hubby and his love of TexMex or pure Mexican food.
He was working hard on the boat and I knew he would love to go and pick up some Mexican entrees, but better yet and with less fat and sodium I felt I could come close to their cuisine, and so I tried!
We did have canned black beans, not quite right, but would work in a pinch.
I drained and rinsed them and put the beans into my small Cuisinart and pulsed them until I had gotten the right consistency, smooth, but not too.
Then I added cumin, garlic powder, lemon and lime and basil to taste, and spread it into a microwave/oven safe side dish, and zapped for a minute and then waited to put it into the oven with the chicken Quesadillas I was making. We had six soft taco shells left and I thinly shredded cheddar on each one of the three in my ten by nineteen inch glass pan, sprayed with PAM and then added part skim shredded mozzarella on top of the cheddar, jack cheese works even better, but I used what we had, to the shells as well, in the meantime I had the shredded/pulled chicken soaking in a mixture of chili powder, cumin, garlic powder and lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, as well as cracked black pepper.
I had looked in my vegetable bin and came up with (2) sweet red peppers, a few scallions, one medium onion, handful of grape tomatoes chopped into low sodium V8, and my always frozen mushrooms, as well as several jalapeños from the jar in the fridge for some heat. I sautéed them all in a small pan sprayed with PAM and then drizzled a small amount of olive oil and Kosher salt sprinkled on the bunch! Once wilted nicely they too were set aside for building purposes.
Those soft taco shells I had softened even more in the microwave for 20 seconds prior to adding the cheese on the bottom ones. Then I added the veggies and chicken and another dosing of cheese, then covered the three remaining soft taco shells that had been set aside, and squished them together, sprayed again on the top shells with PAM for toastyness.
Baked in the oven on 350 degrees for fifteen minutes or 400 degrees and watch it, since all ingredients were already cooked and you just want the cheese to melt!
The beans should go into the oven when the Quesadillas do, serve with plain fat free Greek yogurts, and enjoy!

Not Kosher and not for Passover, but mighty tasty!
These recipe were served over the weekend anyway, okay?

The second one is pretty much how I make my homemade gravy anyway.
Sautéed, one whole medium onion, a stalk of celery, two scallions, three cloves of garlic or more all diced into olive oil and unsalted butter a little of each into a small pot, defrost in microwave a cup of frozen mushrooms, and chop them and add them into the sautéed, once translucent add in two cups of water with sodium free chicken bouillon with a third of a cup of flour mixed into it to thicken it, sprinkle in some thyme, Kosher salt and cracked black pepper into the mixture and pour all over the sautéed, stir and remove from heat.
Shred chicken, and add into mixture above that has been split in two for dressing the toasted Italian loaf bread cubed and moistened with enough for the stuffing, but use most for chicken and mashed potatoes, either instant or real, even baked it is great, serve with peas and cranberry sauce, and the next time/ tonight we had asparagus!

After the first night of using the lemon pepper rotisserie chicken in its original state with just making sides, my quickie potato salad with baking a jabbed with knife potato in the microwave four-five minutes, then cooling in large cup with cold water or ice or both, or stick in freezer, then peel easily and slice, dice onions combine and then use your favorite mayo, we use Dukes these days. Hubby's regular mine is light, lastly add salt and pepper to taste. I used to add in olive oil with apple cider vinegar, but Hubby prefers it without.
Our salad was what was left from my Caesar salad from Red Lobster lunch on Friday so this was that night, and I had added in tomatoes since there wasn't that much Romaine left, anyway grape tomatoes go well with any salad in my book.

I had that nasty experience with the server, and I neglected to mention that my Lobster salad that I had had you needed a magnifying glass to see the lobster, the woman server also said that she brings everything out altogether, soup and entrée coffee was before, but that was not true.
I called there today and spoke with their general manager and mentioned all that had transpired, and she apologized and said that we could have our, even lunch got togethers separately served. I mentioned the way she told us as if we had no clue on how to eat out too, and I did feel it necessary to mention the server's name; to be retrained perhaps?
The General Manager Charise Harris said that the woman was just hired for the season and would be leaving soon, and that she would speak with her anyway, and stated of course we could have our meal however we wanted it, and offered us a gift card and I thanked her and gave her our name and address for sending purposes.
At the end I mentioned that I do write a blog and I often critique local eateries and try not to be negative if possible, but I felt that I should tell their management and that she handled me appropriately.
And that we also have been there several times before and we know that this was not their usual way to handle meals and customers, or we wouldn't have come back all those times and that is why I felt it prudent to mention what had happened. We all should and not just for gift cards, so companies can retrain people who want to work well with people in this people field.

Share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!


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