Prolific, propelled, perseverance

Prolific, propelled, perseverance, and so are we.

Most people, and I do hate speaking in generalities, nah not true of course I do, but then I won't, okay many people can stay on task with their thought patterns and are simply prolific thinkers in that respect, correct?
The only time a person would not be able to do such a thing is when there are brain disorders involved in their thinking processes, also correct?
Allowing that to sink in for a moment...that's good enough, now then, which type of thinker would you prefer to be in charge, of anything, hmm?

Propelled is a chancy word at best.
For it could refer to an inanimate object or a person's stance on a topic or action, hmm?
Also it can be good or bad, hmm?
As in a sport with controlling the ball, propelling it into the basket, hole, or goal posts, to win the game?
And in speaking of a person with an enthusiastic way of working or enjoying of a hobby or lavishly knowing what is important in life and doing that well!
But then on the darker side it can be someone who is depressed and suicidal as propelling him/herself into negative thinking, and a monstrous villain in a story or real life one who is propelled into doing or causing harm, like someone who cannot control a negative behavior and to act without forethought? Who would have put such a person in charge, of anything???? NOT ME!

As we all know to persevere is to continue to try.
And when one has perseverance that is usually a very good trait unless it is misdirected and that is when he is trying continually to destroy instead of build things, including relationships with foreign nations!
TRUST NO ONE! (Thus the nepotism. although his choices have been very, very bad and I do agree do not trust that odd fellows cabinet that you have chosen!) I DO BELIEVE IS HIS MANTRA!
Paranoia is an illness.
Can we impeach on mental incapacity?
Not being able to follow through with appropriate logical resolve?
Staying on topic?

Oh I don't know, but that is not so worrisome, since I AM NOT IN CHARGE OF THE USA!

Moving on...

I did get some touch up painting and caulking done, great for chunks out of the wall, i.e. caulking,  today.
My wheels scuff walls and our black wrought iron magazine rack, now in the guestroom, scraped the bead board sea foam colored wall in my bathroom. The rest was interior white semi gloss touch up.

Hubby worked some more on the boat engine today, the injectors have been cleaned and now the spark plugs are not firing, still wondering what's next?  

While at Walmart Friday I also went to their small, but adequate crafts department where I had bought the HOME letters for cheap months ago. There I bought my glue sticks for my glue gun, thirty for less than four bucks, and two acrylics paint, metallic in gold and copper. I do use quite a bit of the gold lately, and I have not decided yet what I will be doing with the copper, but it is in these days.
Looking at all those DIY ideas something just might pop into my head, who knows!

My sleeping has been a BIG issue and I do have that ridiculous CPAP for sleep apnea that one would think would help, but sadly it hasn't, and I have had it since last September. And two doctors did diagnose me with that malady, both MDs and one is just sleep specialist and the other is both a pulmonologist and a sleep specialist.
In case anyone was actually wondering what a CPAP was and why it is used here is the info on that:

I hate having all this stuff!

Sorry for that outburst!

Hard for me to stay on task sometimes, but I AM NOT TRYING TO RUN A COUNTRY, right, ha?

Share your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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