Impulsive, assumptions and remedial

Impulsive, assumptions, and remedial, you got that right, right?
Yesterday was the day of the presumptive strike on Syria; 59 strikes if I heard right, right?
Damage was extreme to minimal, depending on who you asked?
The media, generals or our the so-called president all had different answers.
The reason for the assault on the highly volatile area of the world sounded correct that is in the sense of no sense dealing with people who play the war games unfairly and also have no concern about the rules since they use biological warfare when most of the sane world has nixed it.
Although, isn't always the way that the hotheads do not play fairly and do have this thing about escalating incidents starting with most all bullies from the playgrounds to the world theater!
They do not follow the rules that most civilized nations/peoples do.
So poking them in a "violent" way does not seem like that logical a retaliation, considering the assault in that rebound was more overkill without proven results to deter the nasty dispositions of the bullies, and just fanned the flames, and brought his Rusky buddy, y-es Puti I mean you, being brought into the fold of needing to flex your, hopefully not violent retaliatory muscles too?
Don't get me wrong these men of little/no concern for human life must be stopped, but what was it that was actually accomplished?
I can understand if it was to see how far reaching we could be with the possibilities of trying to physically contain the wildness of the atrocities by what was done, but what did the military strike really do??????
They have caught their second breath!
I suppose if we declare war on Syria according to the proper channels then we can accomplish what needs to be done!
I am the last person to want us to be involved in another war, but so much genocide and atrocities are being committed worldwide, can we stand by and do nothing?????
A resounding NO!

Mr. T, Pres. DJ, Orange Frothy Haired Guy, does he have a clue?
We need to get the right people in charge of how to proceed.
Again, we can stop this insanity before it gets any worse!

Was his action impulsive?


 Yesterday, I had my brain MRI with and without contrast, as the Multiple sclerosis progresses many neurologists find knowing what is going on helps them better help you, and perhaps get you on newer medications. I used to go yearly for my MRIs, and to be honest I prefer not going so often. I have had open and closed MRIs.
I have, over the years had times when I paid for the whole thing or had thousands in co-pays and also without any co-pays, otherwise it can be very expensive, as I just stated.
I have had just brain ones without contrast, and the with and without.
The most expensive was with and with out, and then my brain, cervical(neck), thoracic (chest), lumbar (lower back) were all done back in 2014, and those were on Obamacare at nearly six hundred a month and my out of pocket was a few thousand dollars too! That neurologist, did not realize that expense is a bit of an enormous financial concern for most people, for him as a doctor/neurologist, it was not even in his concept! Sadly, he is the one that said he could not retire but never ever said why, and he died a few months ago. His office was the longest wait too, as long as two hours!
Not nice speaking ill of the dead, but he was ... never mind, anyway he was the reason I changed to the one I go to now.

And so in 2015 I went back to just having the brain one, with and without, completely covered, if I recall, although I was not yet on Medicare in June of 2015.
But now I am with a mighty fine supplemental with AARP picking up the 20% that Medicare doesn't, a F plan.
So we don't get, dare I say "F"d. ha!

The really best part of having brain MRIs are that I have proof that I still have one, ha! I know; who would have thunk it?

Next week I am scheduled for my cervical and thoracic ones/MRIs too, both with and without contrast.
And they will verify that I do have a spine!
So much better than being considered spineless.

After we had gone for my MRI we ate at Red Lobster for the first time in a long while. They were running a lunch special for their lobster promotion, $9.99 for either lobster over Caesar with soup, a dollar for lobster bisque, lobster and logostino on flat bread with soup or salad, and lastly lobster roll with soup or salad all with their all you can eat cheesy rolls, we both had coffee too. FIVE BUCKS FOR TWO! Now I remember why we usually don't get it, but I could not eat before or have coffee either and it was lunch time!
The server was from New York state, and treated us as if we never ate out before, by repeating everything, even where to sign our credit card slip, annoying!

Then we went into Sam's club for paper goods and this and that's, and dropped our wintergreen lifesavers on the way out but had arrived already at our next stop! Hubby wanted to drive right back, but I insisted on called first, and they said no one turned them in, but Hubby drove back just in time, since a woman had said when we asked the cart man, she said she had just turned them in! Twelve and half bucks for them, yay, honesty is still amongst us!
Remedial eating out!

The one demonstrator for linens in Sam's ignored me and spoke directly to Hubby and he set her straight, again the wheelchair no brain reaction, another assumption!
Happened at the check out line in Walmart too!
The young fellow there assumed something, but he knew what assuming meant, well that is something!

Share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please
be here or be square, ya hear!

PS, rotisserie chicken was bought yesterday also for dinner and eaten partially, when we got home I made a quickie homemade potato salad to go with the leftover salad from lunch, must have been rushing ate too much and vomited for the first time in weeks when I ate dinner.
That caused a bad tummy ache and nothing seemed to help.
Thus my asking for that rain check for last night.
Moist heat applied to belly and Pepcid eventually kicked in, but way later, then my shoulder went out, ice packs and extra strength Tylenol helped, feeling better, not sleeping well anymore... and so my body reacts negatively and as we all know that is subject to change...hopefully sooner rather than later! 

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