Refresh renew!

Repainting did wonders for that chair, by the way it has got to be over eighteen years old and was bought believe it or not at BIG LOTS back then for about twenty five bucks, if I recall. Its first colorful painting had been black, white and turquoise and pink after its neutral colors, which right now I cannot remember but they must have gotten boring! This time even its plaque on the back of the chair was sprayed gold, and yes the same gold spray  used on those night stand lamps and the HOME sign, but the plaque was too far gone for my concoction of lemon juice and baking soda for just cleaning to work, although it was turning the brush brown so if I was able to rubbed it for a while longer it might have, but I wasn't.
Any-who, Hubby again did a great painting job on the refresh of the chair don't you think, now you can tell it had faded by the brilliance of the redo colors!
Oh well, the difference is subtle I suppose. Really you can tell by the green.
Meanwhile Hubby did get the patio furniture nice and clean. I hardly go outside anymore due to my heat issues and today it was in the upper eighties once again!
But I bet you can nearly see that the chairs have palm trees on them, but the flamingoes are on the throw pillows!
Hubby also glued the little plastic flamingo string light cover back together, as you might be able to make it out on the table; he did not get as far yet to put it back up on the light that is hanging high on that back wall. The white tea cart is in the back corner too. I had painted those fish pink on the back wall, they were found in the, at the time, outdoor laundry room, they were just white plaster of Paris waiting for my intervention I think, they were blanks devoid of any personality when we bought the house back in 1998. We also have a lighted paddle fan centered on that ceiling too! The stainless steel five burner gas grill is off to the left, as well as the blue step shelf for the potted plants, you can just see one of the pots on the left there. The bougainvillea vines are growing out into the room. The bougainvillea has been contained for years since we found out that allowing it to frame the patio room encourages wasps and rodents to make their homes in it, so we cut it back, but it used to look so pretty framing that room!
As you can see no table cloth, only for company, and it does match the décor rather nicely.
The sink in the back is molded plastic, we had two, but the other one down by the dock deteriorated from  too much direct sun down there and has been gone for years. The patio is a lovely outdoor space that I used to enjoy daily, but these days I have difficulty getting out to due to my maneuverability and being so darn heat sensitive. The pool is right in front of it and perhaps I might try once again to use it then I can manage the heat, as the temperatures have been soaring so the pool, our tiny one is only 8'X16', 3'-5' deep, like a large hot tub, and so it should be warm enough very soon to the eighty-five degrees that I need to utilize it. We used to have solar panels from when we put the pool in in 2005, on the roof of course, but the second time the wind ripped them off it destroyed them so we tossed them out. We do have a solar blanket too, but even for Hubby it's a pain in the neck to roll and unroll daily!
So nature will have to do its thingy and warm it up!
On the other coast of Florida we had a much, much larger pool 18' X36' with a 3'- 9' depth with a diving board and attached hot tub, and so we had an electric heater as well as solar panels and it was toasty even in February!
That was then and this is now!

Moving on...

Today we had the utility people out today Hubby discussed our water quality with them.
We have extremely hard water and too much sediment as large as pebbles in it, and it has destroyed our interior and outdoor fixtures. We have a whole house water filter, but the filter had to be changed way too often every two weeks when it was supposed to last three months! I add baking soda and white vinegar to our laundry too, and my hair never feels as if I never ever get the soap out!
Any-who, they seem to think they have  been working on our whole neighborhood systems. All our plumbing pipes were replaced after the hurricane with copper inside and PVC outside, and we just had Rotor Rooter here just a couple of months ago. And strangely enough we have the highest priced city water in all sixty-seven counties in Florida!
 And we are in the cheap seats for everything else, demographically we are a lower income county, housing prices too are lower in price, thus the taxes are lower too, schools are not funded properly etc., so why?
Another enigma in life; just doesn't make any sense.

Today I had the tech for my motorized wheel chair delivered the rear controller for Hubby to take over when need be, which seems too often lately with my wrists and hands causing problems.
Anyway, he had a practice class with the young fellow showing him the ropes so to speak.

On this note allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!


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